How to get out of poverty and fellow sufferers of Mount Holyoke

in our life although some city economy has made great development, but in some areas due to geographical reasons, the amount of economic development is still relatively lagging behind, so out of poverty is one of the biggest wish of the local people. November 5th, Mount Holyoke County, West Township, the village of Pan Xianhai, the former group of villagers in front of the temple, Pan Xianyang is busy to fill the new brick to build a new soil. "We already have 3 sows, next spring after the ready to buy a few pigs.

to the second half of next year, at least 60 to 100 pigs. Now we have people in the mountains black pig is increasingly sought after……" Pan Xianhai told reporters. Just finished a barn and Pan Xianhai live, a bowl full of corn fed basin stood in the hillside, greeted the flocks of chicks.

poplar mouth village is one of the 43 poor villages in Mount Holyoke County, traffic inconvenience, lack of resources. In order to find a practical way out of poverty, poverty alleviation work team of "two committees" of the village and the county, the town under the combination of poor households, weaknesses, mutual complementarity. "This cousin is both the old and the needy. Pan Xianhai family burden is heavy, although there is a surplus of labor, but the lack of breeding technology and experience; Pan Xianyang early in the field a chicken farm for many years, there is no farming technology and labor and capital. As soon as both of them want to get rid of poverty through the development of the aquaculture industry, we have drawn up a joint development list to encourage them to work together." East West Township Party Secretary Chen Wei said.

for a lifetime in the soil, food, Pan Xianhai, diverted to engage in farming is not an easy thing. This year, more than the rain, pan brothers just began to contact the breeding industry, has been unable to find a good market, 1200 chickens every day to eat, light feed this piece of the brothers let some eat. "Every day to eat, but also put out on time, the night called cage. Sunny good point, if the continuous rain on the sorrow of death. The most afraid of sick poultry chicken duck." Pan Xianhai exclaimed, I do not understand at the beginning, did not pay attention to the ventilation shed, the loss of a number of. Later, it was obvious that the young man hands to teach, I slowly mastered."

Pan Xianyang took over the incumbent, "I want to do what a person can not be separated, can not afford to support such a big place. The two of us work together. I’m in charge of purchasing and preventing disease. A stall in the home, the sea can help the family." Pan brothers a busy, busy, with a very tacit understanding.

village help us from the credit union loan 10000 dollars, contact the chicken species, find expert training guidance, but also to help find the market. Later, the day will certainly be able to cross the better." Afraid of the poor Pan Xianyang say the Tao Tao word. At the moment, the brothers began breeding black pigs, a leg to walk, hoping to get rid of poverty.

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