Shenzhen 50 industry big coffee online guide entrepreneurs

popular for many entrepreneurs, in the early stage of the whole venture some good business guidance is very important to have a good entrepreneurial guidance can ultimately promote the whole society to entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

in October last year the Baoan District public employment service platform after the creation of Baoan District, and the new tactics in the innovation of "Internet plus" mode of public service, public service platform of new venture development, set entrepreneurial project base, entrepreneurial guidance expert database, training base in one, to provide multi-channel business projects, business expert guidance online training and entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Forum and public venture services for entrepreneurs. read more

Xiamen old name what conditions do you know

in our daily life. Some brands are as we grow up along the way, in the market not only has a good reputation, but also the majority of consumers trust the brand, in order to protect the brand, Xiamen has taken corresponding measures. The reporter learned from the Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress, "the development of time-honored brand protection measures" in Xiamen to promote the day before to get a vote. According to this regulation, the old name or trademark shall not be less than 30 years, and the need to meet a series of conditions. read more

UNQLO last month same store sales slump

is a Japanese brand UNIQLO, is also very popular in our country, there are many shopping malls in the UNIQLO cooperative store, customers are good to reflect. However, in the Japanese market is not so optimistic. In two consecutive months of double-digit growth after June, Uniqlo  Japan UNIQLO local market downturn in the bottom, the month of Uniqlo  the Japanese market operates more than 726 UNIQLO stores a year same store sales plunged 11.7%, traffic crash is 14.6%, but the average spending with an increase of 3.4%. read more

Small series for you to share nine entrepreneurial experience

road is full of thorns, if you want to succeed, it is necessary to find a way to learn from other people’s experience, I used, is the way to success. On the road to entrepreneurship, Li Jiacheng is undoubtedly a very successful entrepreneurs, in his work, set up nine management experience, it is worth learning and reference to these people later.

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Home textile business should focus on the successful operation of the secret

is now doing textile business is many investors choose to do business should pay attention to some successful textile business secret, it was possible to obtain entrepreneurial success, so what are the successful business secret? Let’s get together!

now the textile shop everywhere, walking in the street, whether it is brand franchise of the textile shop, or autonomous single textile shop, or to form a certain scale in the local independent management chain Hometextile store, the number is very much, it also shows that the competition between the textile shop more and more fierce. read more

What can a restaurant do to make consumers your marketing staff

The butterfly effect on the famous

meteorology, presumably we all know, the little butterfly flashing wings can trigger a great tornado, it tells us the truth in life do not look down a little change, may in the future are the key factors to decide your destiny. Although the word of mouth is the most economical propaganda strategy, at the same time is also the most obvious effect, also have many about the reputation of the classic quotations, so how to do a good reputation, this is all enterprises are taken into account, we give several methods to summarize the following small. read more

Several major steps to successful entrepreneurship

talked about entrepreneurship, almost everyone has a set of business can be talked about, but the real implementation of the case is very few. The reason is that people who are afraid of starting a business are always more willing to bear the pressure of business. In fact, the idea of entrepreneurship is not so terrible.

the choice of legal organization in operation before you have to start planning for your business plans. In short, you must first decide whether to start their own business or business partnership?? if you choose a partnership venture capital company to start, how to allocate?

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Local specialty store Holiday Stocking should pay attention to the place

when we travel or go out to play, will buy a local specialty, in fact, these so-called product cost is not high, there is great interest in space, if you want to do business, to open a specialty shop is very good, so that stores need to pay attention to what place?

"to make bricks without straw." Hu said, as far as possible to find customer needs, mining market resources, reasonable, scientific supply of goods in order to be able to do in the hands of food, not panic. To the location of the store, depending on the surrounding consumer groups to determine the income of the grade, brand and quantity. This requires dealers in the daily sales to be a heart, which is the amount of walking, which is attractive, which is to make money, we must know.

"every year before the Spring Festival, is the best business specialty stores." Hu said that for local specialty stores, the middle of the year, as long as the intention to do a few key holiday sales, profit margins to maintain the normal operation of the shop is not difficult. But this year the situation has changed, from the Mid Autumn Festival this year, the situation, more than 200 yuan basically sell moon cake, but about $100 of the product market is still good." He said that in conjunction with the actual situation this year, mid-range, cost-effective products to account for about 70% of the entire volume of goods.

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Xi’an Jiao Tong University School of the city held the sixth entrepreneurial innovation cup finals

cultivating entrepreneurship entrepreneurial thinking, a better way of innovation and entrepreneurship competition, therefore, the Department of economics at the Xi’an Jiao Tong University City College held the sixth session of the "innovation cup", the pre final is also brilliant.

in order to create a good learning atmosphere, cultivating students’ creative ability, enhance students’ awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, Xi’an Jiao Tong University City College of economics in March 16th, held in the afternoon of two -213 teach sixth "innovation cup" pre final. read more

Health beauty shop owner can not ignore these skills

many people pay attention to health, beauty and health is also figured out, so entrepreneurship is a good health beauty shop is good. Before opening the health beauty franchise, you must understand that any one store, only to show their own characteristics in order to create added value, in order to continuously increase the customer.

the characteristics of products is the cornerstone of enterprise development, innovation is a selling point, beauty products are not in addition. Health and beauty stores only efforts to innovate the store will have a future, blindly imitate others, and ultimately will end in failure. read more

Organic vegetable planting tips sharing

how to ensure the quality of organic vegetables, not by insect infestation? Many investors know that they can not use pesticides, there are other ways to prevent it? If you are a novice investor, you can learn a lot of experience to find their own way.

due to organic vegetables in the production process to prohibit the use of all synthetic pesticides, prohibit the use of production by genetic engineering technology products, so organic vegetable pests should adhere to the "prevention first, combining prevention with control" principle. Through the selection of disease resistant varieties, high temperature sterilization, reasonable water and fertilizer management, rotation, intercropping and interplanting, protecting natural enemies and other agricultural and physical measures, comprehensive control of pests and diseases. read more

nvestment in children’s toys how to get greater development

investment in children’s toys need to find the right way, it is necessary to correct business, business needs to understand the market, need to be good at analysis, and now the children’s toy industry is developing rapidly. Many people choose to shop, in the course of business, want to get the desired profit, you need to pay attention to the management of the work. May wish to look at the specific introduction of the article!

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Fashion girl cosmetics franchise which has flow

cosmetics, in our lives, has always been a very important choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the cosmetics stores, is very superior choice. Fashion girl cosmetics? With the strength of the brand to join the project selection, worthy of trust!

fashion girl cosmetics how to join the detailed join process 9 steps:

1, through the meeting, training, advertising and other investment channels, to understand the business situation and business model; read more

What are the more promising rural entrepreneurship projects

some people want entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the fastest way to change the fate, but what better entrepreneurial projects, in fact, there are a lot more suitable for rural entrepreneurship projects in rural people’s eyes is poor, in fact, there are many rich products and low in rural areas, Xiao Bian today will take you to see some good projects for entrepreneurs in rural areas.

now began to change in the rural, old buildings, old houses gradually disappear, the farmers pay more attention to the living environment, improve the living conditions, many people are willing to build houses, if you understand the knowledge of construction, you can develop such a good business in rural areas, housing construction project contracting, carry out the housing design etc.. Reasonable layout of />

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Online flower shop to grasp what kind of marketing strategy

online florist is indeed feasible, however, want to do such a business to do hot, but also need to master more marketing strategies, so that operators will really be able to earn a greater return on profits. So, what kind of online marketing strategy to open a flower shop?

promotion strategy: online florist promotional activities, both traditional methods, such as discounts, discounts and sales including bulk goods, cheap goods and FLOWER FLOWER FLOWER expert selection product promotion, promotion is also using the method of network technology. read more

What are the current situation of foot market

foot care is a lot of friends are more concerned about the project, modern people are more and more emphasis on health, which provides a broad market for the health care industry. Today, Xiao Bian to introduce you to the health care market is a general overview.

first, the industry is becoming increasingly homogeneous competition

What is the current situation of

foot market? Even out of the street a 6-10 foot bath shop, the formation of vicious competition, decentralized passenger flow, resulting in a lot of business generally decline foot bath shop. Foot care to join, we found that whether it is such a big city in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or in the county town market, foot store with abnormal decoration luxury, even in Guangdong, Zhejiang Province town level foot club can open more than 2000 square meters, the decoration is not inferior to the five star hotel, richlink pedilivium, thousands of children the lotus foot bath, foot bath and foot riyoukou chain in the country began the expansion of the scale of development. read more