Henan’s new economic development initiatives to integrate the development of the nternet and the de

with the advent of the mobile Internet era, all aspects of our lives have begun to change, but no matter how the development of the times, our manufacturing sector is still the foundation of our economy. China is now building the world’s largest database of roadheader, and built the service industry "TBM leasing network"; Chinese Yituo, large and medium-sized tractor leader, to create a "Internet plus agricultural + agricultural platform constitute the whole supply chain service model, through information technology to develop new industrial chain implantation and business model. read more

ndia the capital of the central government will be the most serious haze and joint governance

in recent years, the Chinese people have a profound understanding of the dangers of haze, and actively take measures to govern. But there is no reliable means. Recently, foreign media reported that the heaviest haze in the capital of India, has been named the world’s first haze pollution city.

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Taobao life to share the road to success

now, venture selection project, the most important thing is to choose a market, promising. Carbon has a long history, the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi wrote the charcoal to sell people to sell charcoal into people’s vision, the money to sell the money where the camp, the clothes on the mouth of the food, which is the life of the charcoal to sell the portrayal. Time flies, and now there are a lot of people in Taobao started the carbon business, today’s carbon is one of them, let us share the Taobao charcoal on the modern life.

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How to join the good house

nutrition good porridge Road, in China good porridge road this brand is everywhere, of course, this also shows in the breakfast porridge a good porridge road is a strength of the brand, it is worth your join. Fukuya good porridge road with excellent and diverse products in the current market porridge in the top, well received by consumers, now has a high popularity, many consumers, brand influence, attract investment and entrepreneurs to invest, how to join Fukuya good porridge road?

Fu House good porridge road how to join read more

nvestment home stores to do business skills

The development of

Home Furnishing industry has emerged in many brands, like for young entrepreneurs who want to in the industry to find Home Furnishing build up the family fortunes a good reliable project. So in the face of today’s fierce competition in the home market, entrepreneurs how to operate it? The whole network will introduce you to Home Furnishing business skills.

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Shanxi introduced policies to encourage college students entrepreneurship training

college students lack of entrepreneurial experience is a well-known phenomenon, how to overcome this defect is the whole society are thinking about the problem. The introduction of relevant policies in Shanxi, through the form of subsidies to encourage colleges and universities to start entrepreneurship training courses to improve the level of professional knowledge of College students.

11 1, the news from the Provincial Department of finance, to implement the State Council and the provincial government decided on further improving the employment and Entrepreneurship of college graduates, college graduates to further stimulate entrepreneurial passion, improve entrepreneurial ability, play the role of entrepreneurship to create jobs, in 2015, our province to develop the entrepreneurial subsidy policy for college graduates. The provisions of the standard, awareness of entrepreneurship training subsidies for 150 yuan per person, its standard of enterprise training subsidies for 500 yuan per person. read more

The analysis of the management skills of the snack bar

casual snack shop is a good thing to get rich, and to really go into the snack bar industry investment, businesses need to do the preparatory work is also very much and very cumbersome. How can a casual snack shop be a quick success? Ready to enter the market entrepreneurs, the next investment management skills can not be missed.

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What are the ways to improve the promotion of small shops

one is because of financial constraints, there is a promotion for the owners do not pay attention, resulting in a lot of small shops there is no related publicity, but now the market competition is so fierce, resulting in small shops operating situation is getting worse. In fact, if small shops can improve the promotion, I believe that the long-term development of the business is very favorable. So, what are the ways to improve the promotion of small shops?

shop is an important business channel, from marketing to sales terminals, but also constitute an important market landscape, to a certain extent, reflects the economic development of a region and cultural landscape. Some small shops, restaurants, beauty shops, repair shops and other stores dotted around the town, because of its smaller stores, a large number, it is generally not easy to cause people’s attention. read more

The 5 most suitable for women entrepreneurs

the majority of the female entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurial orientation selection is very important, to have a correct direction of entrepreneurship tend to make the entire business activities become simple many smooth, which is consistent with the principle of industry specializing in surgery.

A, creative service to creative imagination, the implementation of the main content of the work of the occupation, the need for free and unfettered creative workers, because in the work place is very flexible, and therefore suitable to family SOHO family planning, including public relations, media design, costume design, editing and Translation advertising, music, photography, etc.. read more

How to control the invisible cost of franchisees

for the franchisee in terms of the most attention is the cost of joining, some joined the venture project threshold is low, the cost is not much demand, but some hidden costs found in the entrepreneurial process, and these hidden costs often is the main cause of the.

control can effectively make the management of dealers in accordance with the original plan of the hidden costs, while reducing costs, increase profits. In our interviews found that the dealer’s hidden costs mainly include the following two aspects: customer maintenance costs and return costs. read more

Nanchang 156 staff members of the suspension of entrepreneurial personnel relations reserved

in order to promote the economic development of Nanchang, reduce the pressure on people to start a business, to promote the formation of a large entrepreneurial atmosphere, Nanchang City, the first time to allow enterprises and institutions to suspend business employees, the original unit can also retain personnel relations.

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How to carry out the innovation of cooked food store

business can not always be immutable, it is necessary to innovate from time to time, especially in this era of rapid change, entrepreneurs need to have a sense of innovation, then how to innovate? This is not the same as the practice of all walks of life on this issue, today we take the deli, for example, look at how to carry out innovative business deli.

1, highlighting the main cultural

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How to succeed in opening a coffee shop

university is a gathering place for young people, in the vicinity of the university to open a coffee shop is very good. If you have a window near the University, you can also consider opening a coffee shop. So in the vicinity of the university to open a coffee shop need to pay attention to what the problem? Let’s take a look.

now coffee in the market sales to prove that consumers on the demand, the market scope, franchised coffee romantic cabin is still relatively small, especially in the university campus cafe has almost no coffee machine and only a few schools, can not provide a good taste of coffee for customers, then to cafes around the campus provides a favorable side, but outside the coffee house price is relatively high, so the cafe location around the school must choose the appropriate fixed coffee at the same time also can provide the flow of coffee, so as to achieve a win-win. read more

Look at this cafe is how fun nternet plus


Internet plus concept, all walks of life and the innovative elements have more or less contact, the beverage industry development will be affected, want to gain a foothold in the business market, is it right to find innovative methods, so how to innovate the beverage stores?

with Internet plus the concept more and more popular, recognized by this new economy was more and more people, most of the traditional business thinking of using the Internet and Internet technology to realize the intelligent transformation, provide personalized services and products, and the formation of polymerization effect. This is also the rise of many young start-up companies, especially after many 90 grassroots entrepreneurial team more high-profile! read more

Department of human resources and social to further promote the work of entrepreneurship training no

China National entrepreneurship storm has swept the country. In more than a year of management practice, we also found deficiencies. Many entrepreneurs lack professional knowledge of entrepreneurship, the urgent need to accept entrepreneurship related training to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

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The nternet allows returnees willing to return to Rural Entrepreneurship

electricity supplier of the popular degree of a year higher than a year, so that all walks of life engaged in commercial sales of entrepreneurs are aware of the charm of the network. This year, the electricity supplier for the preparation of the double 11, have snapped up the Chongqing venture labor products, so that Zhou Shengfu saw a good future of network entrepreneurship.

The young entrepreneur Zhou Shengfu

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Wan Qing Fuxiang ribs to join what

ribs in the eyes of the status of the people? Just look at us in a homemade table and some dishes on the table at dinner we know, pork is an indispensable dish, ribs as a common but very popular delicious dishes, taste good, healthy and nutritious, is a favorite food to countless good.

Wan Qing Fuxiang ribs inheriting the Chinese delicacy inheritance model, hundred years of secret technology, Wan Qing Fuxiang ribs for the majority of consumers to enjoy the tongue, become a major highlight of catering market. read more