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Sri Lanka and Iran seek to expand ties

Salehi added, ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran is fully ready for supporting and evermore expansion of comprehensive cooperation with Sri Lanka, particularly in political, economic, commercial, transit, and joint investments fields.’ Sri Lankan Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiyutheen who is in Iran on Monday met with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi.According to IRNA, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Media Head Office reported Salehi as referring in the meeting to the political will of both countries’ presidents for broadening and strengthening bilateral ties and cooperation more than ever before. The Sri Lankan Industry and Commerce Minister Bathiyutheen in the meeting appreciated the Iranian officials for their assistance in the process of his country’s development. He added, ‘We hope to increase the level of commercial and economic cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly in energy field.Iran has helped fund a number of development projects in Sri Lanka.In 2010 they agreed to post USD 450-500 million for the Uma Oya Multipurpose Development Project, a 90-100 megawatt hydroelectric power plant around the country’s Central Province. Iran has also invested in Sri Lankan Oil refineries and its investments have helped to double Sri Lankan Oil production capacity. Iran has also invested in rural electrification. These projects have made Iran Sri Lanka’s largest aid donor. During the Sri Lankan Civil War the Government of Sri Lanka approached Iran for loans at low interest to afford Sri Lanka purchases of electronic surveillance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles and Iran agreed to issue the loan.For Iran’s assistance in the Sri Lankan Civil War, Sri Lankan minister Wimal Weerawansa said later on, ‘Iran has never let us down, even when many other countries in the world refused to back us. The county as a whole is very grateful for this brotherly treatment’. read more

The Carolina Panthers Fought The Stats — And Won

It may be a distant memory now, in the wake of a 17-1 record and an NFC championship, but at midseason the Carolina Panthers were a litmus test for the depth of a football fan’s sabermetric beliefs. Sure, the Panthers were undefeated, and they looked like a solid team. But there was nothing about their underlying numbers that made them seem like a steamroller hellbent for the Bay Area come early February. If anything, their impressive record seemed liable to regress toward the mean as the season went on.Instead of backsliding toward their “fundamentals,” like many fast-starting teams have over the years, the Panthers did something remarkable: They actually improved their core metrics to match their record, and kept right on winning. Since midseason, Carolina truly has played like the best team in football, culminating in some of the most impressive early blowout wins in playoff history.How rare was Carolina’s victory over the fundamentals? Since 1978 (the advent of the 16-game schedule), a shade under half of all NFL teams have improved their schedule-adjusted1Using our Elo ratings to measure the difficulty of each opponent at the time of the game. Pythagorean winning percentage between the first and second halves of the schedule. Of those teams, a little more than half again saw the improvement move in the direction of the team’s midseason winning percentage. In other words, their actual record was better than their Pythagorean percentage at mid-year, and their Pythagorean percentage over the rest of the season improved toward their record. According to rest-of-season Pythagorean percentage, the 2015 Panthers finished as the 11th-best team of that group, which also includes the 1985 Bears, 1984 49ers and 2014 Seahawks — pretty heady company.But what makes the Panthers’ improvement even more special is the degree to which their actual and Pythagorean records differed halfway through the season. At midyear, they were 8-0 but had the point differential of a 5.3-win team — the second-biggest disagreement of any team in our sample.2The 2005 Packers were 1-8 with the point differential of a 4.3-win team midway through the season. When a team’s actual and Pythagorean records disagree that much, the Pythagorean number is right more often than not,3Specifically, among the upper quartile of “disagreements,” Pythagorean record is the better predictor of rest-of-season form 52 percent of the time after properly regressing first-half winning percentage and Pythagorean percentage to the mean for predictive purposes. though to be fair it’s close to a coin flip. But in Carolina’s case, their winning percentage was right on the money — only five other teams since 1978 saw their second-half Pythagorean improvement predicted more accurately by their first-half winning percentage. And all of those other cases featured teams floating around .500 with subpar point differentials — Carolina is the only team in modern history to post a stellar first-half record with solid fundamentals, then turn into a Pythagorean behemoth down the stretch.Without a doubt, it was offensive improvement that drove Carolina’s overall uptick in performance, and practically all of that change has come in the passing game. According to expected points, the Panthers’ special teams only marginally improved in the second half, and their defense, while great, stayed pretty much the same all season.Back in November, when I infamously described the unbeaten Panthers as the worst team ever to start 11-0, I also wrote that Cam Newton was having a “decent, but not great” season, and that “quarterback play probably isn’t the main driving force behind the Panthers’ success.” That may have been true at the time, but it surely isn’t the case now. Since midseason, Newton has been the second-most valuable QB in football according to combined passing and rushing value over average,4Trailing only Seattle’s Russell Wilson. and his rate statistics have undergone a particularly remarkable metamorphosis.At midseason, Newton’s numbers looked much the same as in years past: His rates of completions, interceptions and sacks were subpar, and his yards and touchdowns per attempt were only average. He had one of the league’s highest rates of off-target throws5Pass attempts judged by ESPN’s Stats and Information group to have fallen incomplete only because Newton missed his intended target, whether because of an overthrow or underthrow., with the only mitigating factor being that he also ranked among the game’s most frequent deep passers. (Deep passes are more valuable but harder to complete; Newton was inaccurate even if we adjust for this.) The majority of his value added was with his legs, as the game’s most prolific running QB. It was pretty much the same Cam we’ve seen the last few years.But to say Newton has improved his passing since then is like saying he only slightly enjoys dancing in everyone’s mug. Since Week 10, he suddenly ranks among the league’s most accurate passers, with a drastically reduced rate of off-target throws. He hasn’t cut back on the deep tosses, either — his air yards per attempt have dipped only marginally in the second half of the season. He’s slinging the ball for significantly more yards and touchdowns per attempt, and he’s hardly ever giving it away; his TD-INT ratio is 21-1 over his last 8 games.The changes to Newton’s game have come with a few tradeoffs: His sack rate is up and his rushing output slightly down since his midseason transformation began. But his value added per game has increased by a factor of nearly six over the season’s back stretch. That gives him the sixth-biggest second-half improvement of any Super Bowl starting QB since 1978. Few QBs in history have gone into a Super Bowl on a better roll than Newton is on right now.Now, quarterback play is unquestionably the main driving force behind the Panthers’ success. The only remaining question is whether Newton can keep up his newfound passing production against one of the toughest defenses he’s ever faced. Given the remarkable way he and the Panthers overcame the odds and molded their fundamentals into those of a championship squad, I wouldn’t bet against them finishing the job on Sunday.Check out our live coverage of Super Bowl 50. A Super Bowl statistics special from our sports podcast Hot Takedown. Listen above, or subscribe on iTunes. read more

Football The curious case of Demario McCall Ohio States enigmatic playmaker

Ohio State freshman running back Demario McCall (30) runs in a touchdown in the fourth quarter against Rutgers on Sep. 30. Ohio State won 56-0. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorNot many people can slow Demario McCall down.The sophomore H-back has dazzling speed. He averaged six yards on 63 carries and 22.5 yards per catch on six receptions in his first two seasons at Ohio State.But last year, McCall dealt with an obstacle that not only slowed him down, but shut him down, ending his season nearly before it even began. A day after the 2017 spring game, he underwent groin surgery to repair a sports hernia. He never fully recovered and said it continued to bother him “on-and-off.”After serving as running back Mike Weber’s backup as a freshman, many people expected McCall to take a significant offensive role in 2017. H-back Curtis Samuel and wideouts Dontre Wilson and Noah Brown left for the NFL, opening extra touches for playmakers like McCall. His anticipated leap never happened, though.McCall’s health prevented him from taking a major role in Ohio State’s offense. Instead, the Buckeyes relied upon Weber and freshman J.K. Dobbins at running back and Parris Campbell and K.J. Hill at H-back. The team also relied on Campbell and Weber as primary kick returners, and Hill as the primary punt returner.McCall did not touch the ball for the first three weeks of the season, then he caught one pass against UNLV in the fourth week of the season. The next week against Rutgers, McCall racked up a team-high 103 yards on 11 carries, including a 48-yard touchdown, and a 35-yard touchdown catch. Even after his dominance of the Scarlet Knights, head coach Urban Meyer expressed skepticism about McCall’s health.“He’s got more in the tank than what I saw,” Meyer said after Ohio State’s game against Rutgers. “So, you know, in that one where he broke away, usually he’s out. We’re still fighting through that thing. He’s doing a good job trying to fight through it.”McCall had three carries the following game, but never played again the remainder of the season. The Buckeyes opted to use a medical redshirt on McCall instead of hoping he could finally overcome the groin injury, Meyer said.Ohio State redshirt freshman running back Demario McCall (30) waits to return a kick in the third quarter of the Ohio State- UNLV game on Sep. 23. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThe health issues were exacerbated by the difficulties McCall was already experiencing as he attempted to transition to H-back from running back, the position he played in high school. McCall said the coaching staff caught him off guard a few weeks into the season when he was told he would move away from running back to become a full-time slot receiver. That shift required a mindset adjustment because, as McCall said, “Once a tailback, always a tailback.”“I still had to work on myself becoming a receiver and not a tailback because I had the mindset of ‘I’m a tailback, but I’m going to help the receivers.’ That’s one thing that I had to change,” McCall said after the Cotton Bowl. “Now that I know that I’m a receiver, I had to put more work into jugs, route-running, top ends, just things like that.”Whether McCall will be able to show off those improvements remains uncertain. The same players as last season — Hill and Campbell — will presumably remain ahead of him on the depth chart entering next season. And given his diminutive 5-foot-9, 195-pound frame and Meyer’s penchant to play receivers who have blocking skills, McCall must overcome inexperience, injury and stature to earn playing time.The Buckeyes struggled to find a consistent top option in the passing game last season. Not many players have a higher top-end speed than Campbell, but he struggled to catch the ball. Hill has great hands, but lacks explosion. On the outside, wideouts Terry McLaurin, Austin Mack, Binjimen Victor and Johnnie Dixon each had standout moments, but no one made consistent plays. McCall might be the missing playmaker if given the opportunity. But regardless of the amount of touches he receives, McCall has only one goal in 2018, and it does not involve carries, catches or returns. “Physically, I want to be 100 percent healthy,” McCall said. “Without being 100 percent healthy, you’re a step behind. And that’s one thing I don’t want to be is a step behind because I was a step behind or two this year. It’s not a good feeling.”The speedy McCall is not used to being a step behind. Against Rutgers on Sept. 30, the only players a step behind wore Scarlet Knight uniforms. He might not have a clear path to playing time, but McCall’s inarguable talent with a regained burst offers Ohio State an intriguing weapon in 2018 it could not unleash last season. read more

Manchester Uniteds return to form leaves a nagging sense of deja vu

first_imgCAN A 3-0 win ever be described as “unconvincing”?Manchester United beat Olympiakos 3-0 last night, and in Champions League statistical terms at least, they are currently among the top eight sides in Europe.Now consider the following reactions:“Moyes will now feel they are building momentum,” “a win of great significance,” “the striker typified United’s spirit of togetherness,” “the players are beginning to believe in his methods.”Moreover, contemplate these quotes:“A statement victory by any European standard,” “Moyes took another significant step forward in leading the club towards a new era of success,” “this is a season that continues to bring steady improvement and Moyes will now look ahead to… Premier League football knowing his team have something to build on.”Sound familiar? None of the analysis referenced above was written after United’s defeat of Olympiakos last night. In fact, they are thoughts expressed in various media outlets amid the aftermath of two rare impressive United wins earlier this season — the 1-0 home defeat of Arsenal and the 5-0 away victory over Leverkusen.With the benefit of hindsight, those words are a telling insight, if anything, into the fickle nature of football and in particular, football management. One minute, you are building a side that looks set to be a considerable force in Europe, the next, you are a ‘tactically inept’ ex-Preston manager punching above your weight and creating ‘the worst United side in 30 years’.Yesterday’s, at times, thrilling 3-0 win over Olympiakos was patently a huge relief to the beleaguered Moyes, but he will know better than anyone that significant work and a considerable squad overhaul still needs to be undertaken. Supporters would therefore be forgiven for suspecting that the victory is another false dawn. Olympiakos enjoy a near-monopoly on domestic success akin to that experienced by Celtic in Scotland, and the Greek league is arguably closer in overall standard to the SPL than the Premier League.Furthermore, United’s triumphant win over Arsenal was followed by a limp 2-2 draw with relegation-threatened Cardiff. After they beat Leverkusen in such an accomplished fashion, they proceeded to acquire just one point from their next three Premier League games.That is not to dismiss last night’s win entirely however. Under the circumstances, they could have easily crumbled, given the comprehensive manner in which they lost the first leg coupled with their humiliating defeat to Liverpool at the weekend.To produce a performance of substance showed that the United camp is not as spiritless and disillusioned with life under Moyes as some have suggested. And more importantly, it was an instance of Moyes showing the type of bravery and tactical boldness that critics — not entirely unreasonably — have often accused him of lacking.Some may have initially balked at the decision to play the 40-year-old Ryan Giggs in midfield, but the Welsh star put in an influential performance full of incisive passing and intelligent positional play, vindicating his manager in the process.Last night’s diamond formation was another adventurous endeavour that was difficult to reconcile with the functional, caution-first philosophy that Moyes so often seems keen to employ — the flat 4-4-2 with an emphasis on getting crosses into the box that many commentators have derided as outdated and which Liverpool had little difficulty combating on Sunday. It was undoubtedly a risky strategy to adopt against the dangerous Greeks, as United’s vulnerable full-backs were occasionally left badly exposed, and the sudden compulsion to experiment may have been borne more out of desperation than conviction, but even the greatest sides in history have enjoyed supreme luck sporadically, and the Red Devils were indeed highly fortunate to find the intermittently flaky David de Gea in especially excellent form.But is Moyes’ increasing willingness to experiment and innovate a case of too little, too late? Starting from Saturday, United have three games in seven days, against West Ham, Man City and Aston Villa. The middle game, in particular, is crucial, even if the outcome is a virtual irrelevance in terms of the Old Trafford outfit’s league placing. Should they draw a side of the quality of Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-finals, then getting well beaten would surely be tolerated, given that Moyes’ men would be talked of as a side that is plainly in transition playing against one of the top four or five teams in the world.Nevertheless, a hammering by City — a second ignominious outcome against a bitter rival within the space of a month — would be bordering on unforgivable. Consequently, in contrast with the Olympiakos result, next Tuesday’s game will surely serve as a truer reflection of how far United have come since that hapless Liverpool defeat.Hence, 3-0 wins in the last 16 of Champions League generally are described as ‘convincing,’ however for Moyes and United last night, in the overall scheme of things, it was anything but.Like football? Follow’s dedicated Twitter account @football_ie>Zenit bow out despite Hulk wonder strike and away win at Dortmund>Andy Reid can’t catch a break when it comes to injuries at the moment>last_img read more

Image of Wii 2 appears is it real

first_imgWhenever a new console is announced we usually get a few mock-ups appearing on the Web. I remember there were quite a few for the PSP. But an image has appeared today that is supposed to be the Wii 2, otherwise known as Project Cafe.We can’t confirm this is real, but it does conform to the diagram we saw of the console from a developer meeting video posted yesterday. Here’s the diagram from that video which I think you’ll agree is pretty close in design:AdChoices广告The leaked image is devoid of any Nintendo branding, and could just be a developer unit meaning this is by no means the final case. In terms of size, it looks to be a similar size to the original PS3. We doubt it will be that big for the final release though, reinforcing the fact this is most likely a developer unit.I was also sceptical earlier today about the size of the controller. It’s rumored to have a 6-inch display built in meaning it will be huge and heavy. There’s also meant to be a stylus for input which seems counterintutive.As far as this case picture goes, it doesn’t look too bad. It’s certainly better than the original PS3 design, and the curved top gives it a distinctive look. It’s certainly better than the box of the Wii console, although I did like how small that was.One concern is the lack of ventilation. Can you see any holes in the case to allow for expelled hot air? Either it’s all hidden around the back of the unit, or Nintendo hasn’t used components that produce a lot of heat. That usually translates to less than cutting edge performance.Read more at Destructoidlast_img read more

Ikea 50 de son énergie est renouvelable

first_imgIkea : 50% de son énergie est renouvelableAprès avoir annoncé récemment son intention de s’offrir un nouveau parc éolien (voir notre article), Ikea se félicite d’avoir, en 2010, assuré 50% de ses besoins énergétiques grâce aux sources renouvelables.Le géant suédois a annoncé avoir fait passer la part des sources renouvelables à 50% dans sa consommation énergétique globale l’année dernière, rapporte le site Zegreenweb. Comme l’explique le groupe sur son site Internet, son objectif est à long terme “de parvenir à alimenter tous les bâtiments du Groupe Ikea au moyen d’énergies renouvelables”. Ikea entend également améliorer son efficacité énergétique globale de 25%, et ce par rapport à son niveau de 2005.À lire aussiLa fusion nucléaire pourrait bien devenir prochainement une réalitéPour parvenir à ces ambitieux objectifs, le groupe mise sur plusieurs sources renouvelables, s’équipant de parcs éoliens, de panneaux solaires, ou encore en faisant appel à la biomasse. Il y a quelques semaines, Ikea s’est lancé dans un nouveau projet de ferme éolienne. Un parc qui doit être construit en Suède, et devrait assurer la consommation d’énergie de dix-sept magasins (voir notre article). Ikea a également mis en place un plan d’économies d’énergie passant par un système de chauffage et de climatisation plus efficace ou des éclairages basse-consommation. Le géant suédois collabore en outre avec le WWF, en participant à des projets visant à réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre et ainsi lutter contre le changement climatique. Le groupe s’est notamment engagé à promouvoir auprès de ses fournisseurs une exploitation forestière durable et responsable.Le 24 avril 2011 à 15:05 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

F15 pilots conduct night training flights

first_imgThe Oregon Air National Guard’s 142nd Fighter Wing is conducting routine F-15 night training missions this week through Friday.The training flights will conclude each day before 11 p.m.Night training allows the pilots based in Portland and Vancouver to stay current with mandatory Air Force requirements.The monthly missions provide essential training in the use of night-vision goggles and aircraft maneuvering in nighttime flying scenarios.Flights will depart from and land at Portland International Airport.last_img read more

Sean Elo for San Diego Community College Board of Trustees

first_img KUSI Newsroom 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Next week, voters will decide who will take over the vacant seat on the San Diego Community College Board of Trustees.One of the candidates earned the endorsement of the California Democratic Party.KUSI’s Allen Denton joined Sean Elo Monday afternoon with more on his campaign. Posted: October 29, 2018 Sean Elo, for San Diego Community College Board of Trustees KUSI Newsroom, October 29, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News, Politics Tags: Decision 2018 FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Congressman Hunter invites members of Congress to view video evidence in Eddie

first_img Posted: May 8, 2019 Updated: 7:35 PM Categories: Local San Diego News, National & International News Tags: Duncan D. Hunter, Eddie Gallagher FacebookTwitter 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsTo watch the press conference, click here.WASHINGTON DC (KUSI) –  Congressman Duncan D. Hunter (CA-50) provided an opportunity for members of Congress to view the video evidence in the case of Chief Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher who is being charged with killing an ISIS terrorist by the U.S. Navy.After showing the video evidence, Congressman Hunter arranged for Chief Gallagher’s legal representation to be present and answer Member’s questions regarding the case which KUSI has been covering for months and has gathered national attention.Congressman Hunter addressed the media after the viewing of evidence along with any othe Members who wished to comment. The press conference can be viewed above.RELATED STORY: Gallagher family and Congressman Hunter detail falsehoods in NYT report on case against Eddie Gallagher May 8, 2019center_img Congressman Hunter invites members of Congress to view video evidence in Eddie Gallagher case KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom last_img read more

Man breaks into Palmetto Bay smoke shop steals merchandise cash

first_imgPALMETTO BAY, Fla. (WSVN) — Police are seeking the public’s help in locating a man who was caught on surveillance video breaking into a smoke shop in Palmetto Bay.The security footage shows the subject, his face partially concealed by a white shirt or handkerchief, as he took cigars and lighters off the shelves at My Tobacconist Smoke Shop at East Fern Street and South Dixie Highway, early Monday morning.The video shows the thief putting the merchandise into a boxStore owner Ben Carrasco said the burglar also took off with the cash register and tip jar.Carrasco said he woke up to the news that his business was robbed.“I got the unwelcome call from my alarm company at 3:30 this morning, during which time I was informed that there was somebody inside of this store,” he said, “so of course, we had the police respond. I raced here. Unfortunately, he was in and out very, very quickly, so he was gone well before I got here.”The owner said this break-in cost him about $1,500 worth of stolen items and damages. If you have any information on this burglary, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

The Wilmington Insider For September 22 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below is a round-up of what’s going on in Wilmington on Saturday, September 22, 2018:Happening Today:Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high near 68. West wind 8 to 14 mph becoming north in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 25 mph.In The Community: The Wilmington Community Fund is holding a Town Shredding Day from 9am to noon in the Wilmington Town Common Parking Lot, next to the 4th of July Building. Two shredding trucks will be on hand to handle the volume from Highland Shredding On Demand. Paper clips, rubber bands, and staples to NO need to be removed. Please, however, be sure to remove binder clips or metal fasteners. Participants are encouraged to bring nonperishable food items or cash donations to the event. All donations will given to the Wilmington Food Pantry.In The Community: The Wilmington Conservation Commission invites residents of all ages to share a few hours of their time and participate in the Annual Town Clean-up Day  beginning at 8:30 am. The Conservation Commission is seeking volunteers to help beautify Wilmington’s conservation lands by removing litter and debris. Volunteers are asked to meet at the DPW Building, 135 Andover Street at 8:30 am. Refreshments will be served and trash bags will be provided. Work gloves will be provided on a first come, first served basis.  Please dress appropriately for woods and wetlands. If you are unable to attend the clean-up event on September 22nd, feel free to enjoy the Town’s resources and help keep them beautiful anytime you like. For more information, please contact the Department of Planning & Conservation at (978) 658-8238 or email The Community: Wilmington’s Department of Veterans’ Services has announced the unveiling of a new monument in honor of PFC Antonio T. J. Gagnon, a lifelong resident of Wilmington who grew up on Lake Street.  Mr. Gagnon was killed in action on July 16, 1950 in Korea while serving in the United States Army. The monument, located at Silver Lake and Main Street, will be unveiled on Saturday, September 22 at 11:00am.  Residents are invited to attend.In The Community: There are two yard sales happening in Wilmington today. Find out where HERE.In The Community: Assisting Hands Home Care will be sponsoring its First Annual Electronics Recycling event to benefit Wilmington’s Buzzell Senior Center from 9am to noon. Goods can be dropped off at 5 Middlesex Ave. There is a suggested $10 donation per carload, with some items, like TV’s, monitors, batteries, toner, and wood, costing more. Learn more HERE.In The Community: We’re One Wilmington always believes many people acting together in kindness can total a large difference and no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. WOW is organizing a drive to assist a Wilmington family in need, the fire victims in Lawrence and the Hurricane Victims in Wilmington, North Carolina who have been displaced and evacuated from their homes. It may be weeks or months before they can return to their homes. Some will never be able to return.WOW is encouraging the citizens of Wilmington to team up and support our neighbors on their massive recovery. This weekend, they hope to “Fill a Truck” for Lawrence, MA and Wilmington, NC. Items can be dropped off at the Shawsheen School Soccer Field Pavilion on Saturday, September 22 from 9-4 and Sunday, September 23 from 12-4. If you cannot drop off at this location during these times, please email jomarie0525@yahoo.comto arrange for a pick up. WOW is also looking for volunteers to help collect and organize donations at these times. You can sign up to help at The Community:  The Parish of the Transfiguration’s Charities Committees will be holding its annual collection to benefit the Mission of Deeds during all masses on Saturday, September 22 and Sunday, September 23. Donations may dropped off a Villanova Hall on Saturday, September 22 from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, and Sunday, September 23, from 7am to 1pm. Requested items include:Kitchen: Pots & Pans, Silverware, Glasses, Mugs, Baking Pans, Mixing Bowls, Coffee Makers/Tea Kettles, Toasters/Toaster Ovens, Blenders/Mixers, Dish Towels/Pot HoldersNew Linens: Bed Pillows, Twin Size Sheets, Twin Size Blankets, Twin Size Comforters, Full/Queen Sheets, Full/Queen Blankets, Full/Queen Comforters, Towels, Face ClothsHousehold: Lamps, Microwaves, Vacuums, Framed Art Work, Clocks/Alarm Clocks, Irons/Ironing Band, FansChildren: Books, DVDs, Toddler Beds, Pack ‘N PlaysIn The Community: Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, in partnership with Lahey Health, Winchester Hospital, the Woburn Police Department and Woburn Fire Department, will host a free back-to-school safety day from 10am to 1pm at the Kennedy Middle School (41 Middle Street) in Woburn. The event aims to to remind parents and kids of important safety tips as they start the school year. Visitors will be able to visit information booths hosted by the District Attorney’s Office and community partners to receive resources on bullying, cyber-safety, bike safety and more as they prepare for back-to-school.Visitors will also be able to explore over 50 emergency vehicles from public and private partners across the state including S.W.A.T. Trucks, Military Humvees, Motorcycles, Fire Trucks and much more. There will be K-9 demonstrations by trained specialty dogs and their law enforcement handlers. Car seat inspections and installations will be available. The Boston Bruins Foundation will also be hosting fitness stations for children. Participants will receive a certificate signed by Blades, the Bruins mascot and a BFit wristband.In The Community: The Suburban Boston Fall Home Show will emanate from Wilmington’s Shriners Auditorium (99 Fordham Road) on Friday, September 21 (11am-8pm); Saturday, September 22 (10am-8pm); and Sunday, September 23 (10am-6pm). Admission is free and parking is free.In The Community: The Friends of the Wilmington Memorial Library’s Book Store Next Door (183 Middlesex Avenue) is open from 10am to 4pm. All books are $2 or less!  Every penny of every sale benefits the Wilmington Memorial Library.In The Community: The Wilmington Food Pantry (142 Chestnut Street) is open from 10am to noon for food donation drop-offs. Learn which food items the Pantry is most in need of HERE.At The Library: Meditation for Kindness & Compassion at 10:30am. [Learn more and register HERE.](NOTE: What did I miss? Let me know by commenting below, commenting on the Facebook page, or emailing I may be able to update this post.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedCOMING SOON: Town Shredding Day Set For September 14, Will Benefit Wilmington Food PantryIn “Community”Town Shredding Day Set For September 14, Will Benefit Wilmington Food PantryIn “Community”The Wilmington Insider For September 27, 2018In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more

Facebooks troubles continue to grow What you need to know

first_img Tags Share your voice Internet Services Tech Industry Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Christophe Morin/Getty Images Facebook can’t seem to get through a week quietly.This week, Germany’s antitrust regulator ordered the world’s largest social network to stop combining data from the Facebook accounts of its German users with information it collects about them from other sites unless they give their OK. The Federal Cartel Office’s order covers not only Facebook’s site, but Instagram, WhatsApp and other apps it own. In a blog post, Facebook said it would appeal the ruling. It argues that collecting data about its users outside of Facebook helps the social network improve its services and protect user safety. The German order is yet another reminder — as if more were needed — that social network is piling up trouble almost as quickly as added users. The company, which turned 15 years old in February, is trying to rebuild user trust, which has eroded in the midst of data and privacy scandals. It’s also facing the wrath of lawmakers around the world because of the way its been used to spread misinformation and hate speech, as well as meddle in elections.Facebook’s problems aren’t limited to users and governments. The company has also clashed with Apple, a company it needs to keep getting users on its apps.Last week, Apple temporarily pulled Facebook’s enterprise certificate, a digital signature that lets its employees use and test apps internally. The reason: Facebook had used the certificate for a market research app that was distributed to consumers, violating Apple’s policies.Here’s a look at the biggest scandals that have rocked the social media giant. Data breaches, bugs and misuseAmerican online social media and social networking serviceFacebook has faced a number of scandals in 2018 over data privacy and security.  Getty Images Cambridge AnalyticaThe scandal that kicked it all off was Cambridge Analytica. In March, a joint investigation by The New York Times, the Guardian and the Observer revealed that a UK-based consultancy with ties to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign had misused the data of tens of thousands of Facebook’s more than 2 billion users.The trail allegedly leads back to a Cambridge professor named Aleksandr Kogan, who created an app called “thisisyourdigitallife,” a personality quiz that was billed as “a research app used by psychologists.” He legitimately gained access to information on 270,000 accounts through Facebook’s Login feature, which lets people use their Facebook account to log in to outside apps so they don’t have to create new usernames and passwords. But he broke Facebook’s rules by sharing the data with Cambridge Analytica. The investigative report set off a firestorm over how Facebook handles people’s personal information. What made it worse: Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg remained silent for days before commenting on the scandal. Eventually, Facebook admitted that the scope of the problem was larger than once thought. It was originally reported that the incident affected 50 million users. Turns out it was 87 million. Facebook later built a tool to let people know if their data had been accessed.’View as’ data breachAs if that wasn’t enough, Facebook in September disclosed a breach that affected 50 million people on the social network. The vulnerability stemmed from Facebook’s “view as” feature, which lets people see what their profiles look like to other people. Attackers exploited code associated with the feature and were able to steal “access tokens” they could use to take over people’s accounts. Though access tokens aren’t your password, they let people log in to accounts without needing it.Two weeks later, Facebook said the data of 29 million people had been stolen, including names, email addresses and phone numbers. For 14 million of the people, hackers also nabbed birth date, hometown and workplace, along with most-recent searches or places the people had checked in to on the social network.Later on, Facebook said it thought spammers masquerading as a digital marketing company were behind the security breach, and not hackers working for a nation-state.Photos exposedOn Dec. 14, Facebook disclosed its latest breach. A bug on the social network exposed 6.8 million people’s photos to outside developers. The developers could see the photos if users uploaded them to the social network, even if the users didn’t actually post them. Data-sharing dealsFacebook’s problems didn’t stop there. On Dec. 18, the Times reported on how much user data Facebook provided to some of its partners. Netflix, Spotify and the Royal Bank of Canada could read users’ private messages, the Times said. Microsoft could reportedly see the names of all the friends tied to a Facebook user without that user’s permission. And Amazon reportedly had the ability to view users’ names and contact information through their friends. The list went on. Yahoo could read the real-time feeds of friends’ posts. Apple could access the calendar entries and contact numbers of people who disabled all sharing through their accounts. Even the Times had access to a users’ friends list as part of an article-sharing app it shut down in 2011. The deals, which helped more than 150 companies, dated back to 2010 but were still active in 2017. The tech firm may have violated a 2011 agreement it had with the Federal Trade Commission to protect user data. The “consent decree” barred Facebook from sharing user data with third parties without their permission. Facebook, though, argues its data partnerships were exempted from the consent decree but former FTC and officials told the Times it disagreed with that interpretation.Leadership and culture woesExecutive misstepsFacebook’s endless list of scandals not only appeared to be taking a toll on employee morale, but it also raised questions about the company’s culture and whether its executives should be fired.After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a leaked 2016 memo from Facebook executive Andrew “Boz” Bosworth suggested the company prized growth above user safety. Even when Zuckerberg tried to explain how his company handles fake news and hate speech, his remarks sparked more criticism. In July, the tech mogul clarified that he found Holocaust denial “deeply offensive” after suggesting such content shouldn’t be pulled from the platform. WIRED25 Summit: WIRED Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Tech Icons Of The Past & FutureInstagram co-founder Kevin Systrom Getty Images A leadership shake-upMeanwhile, founders at companies owned by Facebook continued to head for the exit amid tensions with Zuckerberg and the parent company. That included WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum; Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom and Chief Technical Officer Mike Krieger; and Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe.But Facebook’s prior executive departures also came back to haunt the company. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, who left Facebook last year, not only urged the public to #DeleteFacebook but later also told Forbes he sold his users’ privacy.Internally, Facebook tried to assure its employees it tolerated diverse political views, including from conservatives. Facebook pushed back against a report that it fired Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey, who donated $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group during the 2016 presidential election, for his political views. Response to scandalsThen in November, The New York Times published an investigation into how the company’s executives handled a series of scandals over the last three years. Executives “delayed, denied and deflected,” the report said.Facebook also resorted to “aggressive” lobbying tactics and tapped its Washington connections to shift blame to tech rivals and ward off critics. The company hired a firm known for opposition research, Definers Public Affairs, which tried to discredit Facebook’s critics by linking them to liberal billionaire George Soros.It turned out Sandberg asked her staff to look into Soros’ financial motivations after he called companies like Facebook and Google a “menace” during a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Facebook’s board defended Sandberg’s actions, but by then her image had been tarnished. Diversity concernsAnd just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse for Facebook, former employee Mark Luckie accused the company of having a “black people problem” and failing its black users.Government clashesWashington testimonyAs Facebook’s scandals piled up, lawmakers and governments were also under growing pressure to take action.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testifies At House HearingZuckerberg testifies before Congress in April.  Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Zuckerberg made his first appearance before Congress to answer questions from US lawmakers. For the most part, the tech mogul walked away unscathed after more than five hours of grilling. The line of questioning, though, illustrated that lawmakers still had a lot to learn about the industry they’re trying to regulate. Facebook’s apology tour continued in September when Sandberg testified before Congress. Hate speech and misinformation abroadIn Myanmar, Facebook was under fire for the role it played in spreading hate speech that fueled what human rights organizations called ethnic cleansing targeting Rohingya Muslims. WhatsApp was also reportedly being used to spread misinformation in Brazil and Nigeria. Meanwhile, ahead of the US midterm elections, Facebook was trying to combat disinformation campaigns that appeared to be coming from Russia, Iran and other countries.European scrutinyIn Europe, lawmakers and regulators were digging into the company’s data practices. Italian regulators fined Facebook $11.4 million for misleading users about how their data is used.And in a rare move, the UK Parliament seized internal Facebook e-mails and documents that were part of a lawsuit involving now-defunct app developer Six4Three. The documents reinforced the public’s privacy concerns about the social network, which has denied selling user data.Critics argued that Facebook, which makes billions of dollars from advertising, not only lacked an “ethical roadmap” but also had a history of placing its profit before user privacy. Facebook didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.First published Dec. 14, 5:12 p.m. PTUpdate, Dec. 19 at 12:25 p.m.: Reflects Dec. 18 New York Times report and DC lawsuit.Update, Dec. 19 at 1:52 p.m.: Includes more background about Facebook’s data sharing partnerships.Update, Dec. 19 at 2:14 p.m.: Includes comment from Netflix. Update, Feb. 8 at 2:58 p.m.: Includes background about a Germany antitrust order and Apple’s clash with Facebook.  The Honeymoon Is Over: Everything you need to know about why tech is under Washington’s microscope.Infowars and Silicon Valley: Everything you need to know about the tech industry’s free speech debate. 4 Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Jury awards 140000 to man injured In Bethel police vehicle

first_imgA Bethel jury has awarded $140,000 to a man injured in the back of a police vehicle when the officer slid off the road and hit an electrical pole.Listen nowDamage from the vehicle’s collision with the electrical pole (Photo courtesy of Bethel Police Department)The crash occurred in 2014 when former Bethel Police Officer Aaron Fedolfi was driving the vehicle with Adrian Hoffman of Tununak handcuffed in the back seat.According to police records, Fedolfi was speeding in icy conditions when he lost control of the vehicle and slid into an electrical pole, causing Hoffman’s head to slam into the car’s interior during the collision.Both Fedolfi and Hoffman received minor injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment. Hoffman says he blacked out on impact.“I had a real big swollen forehead, broken nose, hurt neck and back, cut in the arm, [and a] couple black eyes,” Hoffman said.Police records say that when another officer arrived on scene, the electrical pole was hanging by its wires and appeared cracked at the base.Attorney Jim Valcarce represented Hoffman in the case and says that police footage shows Fedolfi securing his own seat belt but never buckling Hoffman’s.Where the vehicle struck the electrical pole Photo courtesy of Bethel Police Department)The jury spent two days deliberating their decision and released the verdict Thursday.Hoffman had been taken into police custody that night for causing a disturbance in a home while intoxicated. He was on felony probation at the time and served a short jail sentence for drinking alcohol.Hoffman works as a Tribal Police Officer in Tununak. During a recess on one of the last days of the trial, he and his long-time girlfriend stepped into another courtroom and got married. They have four children together and Hoffman says the money is going towards his kids.“All the money that I won, I’m not going to just burn it away,” he said. “I’m going to use it for good.”Fedolfi is in Anchorage serving a one-year prison sentence for an unrelated crime. Earlier this year the State of Alaska charged him with one count of third degree attempted sexual assault and one count of official misconduct after attempting to force a Bethel woman to perform a sexual act on him while on duty.last_img read more

Brain injury survivors use maskmaking to shed light on hidden trauma

first_imgA brain injury survivor shows her mask at Access Alaska. (Annette Alfonsi / Unmasking Brain Injury)On a recent afternoon, seven people are using colorful paints, feathers, strings and beads to decorate masks inside Access Alaska, a support center for people with disabilities. Retired Air Force Sgt. John Main is busy sketching designs. He’s methodical, coordinating colors with a list of emotions written on a separate sheet of paper.Listen nowLike everyone else at this event, Main suffers from a brain injury. In 2011 he had a stroke, but it was not diagnosed for five years.“I didn’t have slurred speech,” Main said. “I didn’t have weakness anywhere, so they didn’t think I really had a stroke. Well, what they didn’t realize — I’d had a stroke, but it affected something different than my muscles. It affected my cognitive reasoning, my analytical abilities.”When it comes to brain injuries, appearances can be deceiving. Robert Barnett, a brain injury survivor who works at Access Alaska, said there’s a disconnect between the internal experience of a cognitive disability and what it looks like to an outside observer.“It takes me a while to even understand people’s disabilities because they’re invisible,” Barnett said.Many survivors feel like they have to put on a disguise to face the world, and that’s exactly what the Unmasking Brain Injury project hopes to address.The idea came from Hinds’ Feet Farm, a nonprofit based in North Carolina. More and more people started getting involved as the masks were displayed around the country.Annette Alfonsi of Anchorage first heard about the project from a friend in another state. Having suffered a brain injury herself, she requested materials to make her own mask and eventually became a coordinator for the project in Alaska. She hopes that the masks, although unique to each maker, will bring them together.“Folks, especially across Alaska, can feel very alone if they don’t know folks in their immediate area that have that kind of brain injury,” Alfonsi said. “This is a really great way to raise awareness.”Two studies from 1999 and 2008 estimate that there are between 3 and 5 million brain injury survivors now living with a disability in the United States. However, these figures are limited to administrative data from hospitalizations and emergency room visits, which doesn’t give a complete picture of the problem.A lack of awareness can make it difficult for people to find care. While there are a few resources in Alaska, Alfonsi said it was difficult to figure out what options were available for her.“If you’re navigating that system by yourself, you don’t have any experience with it. And then you don’t have the ability to be proactive about it because your symptoms kind of lead to being isolated and feeling alone or quiet and in the dark,” Alfonsi said.John Main plans out his mask design. (Henry Leasia / Alaska Public Media)When John Main finishes the design for his mask, he has divided it into sections that represent different stages of his life. The left side of the mask is a pale pink that represents life before his brain injury. The middle section of the mask is darkly shaded and chaotic, illustrating the uncertainty of the years when his stroke had not been diagnosed.“Before I’d seen hopelessness,” Main said. “I did not know what was going on, I just knew that I was failing in jobs that I shouldn’t have failed in.”On the right side of the mask, however, Main colors pink for the support he has received since his stroke was diagnosed and green for the bright future he sees ahead of him.last_img read more

Muslim leaders meet Mohammed Mahmood Ali on Mosque issue

first_imgHyderabad: A delegation of Muslim religious leaders called on the TS Home Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali to discuss the issue of Masjid-e-Ek Khana, which was demolished by the GHMC officials in the late night hours on May 1 in Amberpet.The delegation was led by Tehreek Muslim Shabban president Mushtaq Malik, along with the leaders of Jamait-ul-Ulema, Shia Zakereen, Sunni Ulema Board, Jamiat-e-Alhe-Hadees and AlameJamiat-ul-Mashaiq, Wahdat-e-Islam, Islamic scholars and advocates met him in his chambers in Secretariat on Monday. The 30-member delegation registered their strong protest over the illegal demolition of Masjid and condemned the way the city police handled the issue, which failed to file an FIR against the erring GHMC officers. Also Read – Secunderabad: Major General N Srinivas Rao makes farewell visit to AOC Advertise With Us Speaking to The Hans India, Mushtaq Malik said that during their meeting, the delegation told the Home Minister that no one can claim the Masjid land. “According to TS Wakf Survey and Gazette, the masjid exists on the spot, but despite of this fact, the Masjid was demolished,” he noted. Malik also said that according to the Telangana State Wakf Board (TSWB), in July 2018, a letter was issued to the GHMC commissioner regarding the Masjid land, but even after the TSWB survey and letter, the Masjid was demolished by the GHMC, he lamented. Also Read – Kolkata artists giving final touches to 24 ft clay Ganesh idol Advertise With Us Even after the TS Home Minister and TSWB Chairman, Mohammed Saleem had given an assurance about the construction of masjid, there is no initiative of construction Masjid, he added. During the meeting that stretched over an hour, the delegations cautioned that if the government fails to construct the masjid, the Muslims will intensify their agitation through mass protests across the state. Advertise With Us During Monday’s meeting an argument also broke out between the members of delegation and the Home Minister, who later on assured of looking into the matter seriously. Given the gravity of the issue, he said that it would be brought to the notice of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. If possible, a meeting will be organised with the delegation with the CM in the coming days, he said. Mufti Gayaz Rahmani, Mufti Moghani, Mufti Abrar, Naseeruddin, Maulana Taqi Raza Abidi, Mufti Asif Umri, Hafiz Khaled Ali Khan Quadri Chisti, Maulana Mufti Banayeem, MA Gaffar, Miskeen Ahmed, Advocate MA Shakeel, Mahboob Ali and others were present on the occasion.last_img read more

Experts suggest inclusion of equitable quality education

first_imgNalgonda: ‘Draft National Educational Policy – 2019’ needs certain modifications in order to achieve ‘Inclusive and equitable quality education and life-long learning opportunities for all’ as mentioned in Goal-4 of Sustainable Development to which India is a signatory. This is the unanimous opinion of the participants in the education conference held on Friday at M G University to discuss various aspects of the NEP draft. Objectives and targets are good, but what is required is sufficient funds and strong political will to implement it for sustainable development , said one of the guests M V Gona Reddy, Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us Representatives of all India Federation of Retired University and Colleges Teachers Organisations and World Federation of Teachers Union and a staunch proponent of Public Funded Education System . The conference was inaugurated by the University Registrar Prof M Yadagiri. Leaders of various teacher organisations , principals and teachers of colleges of all categories, polytechnic, junior and degree, BEd, engineering and University of Arts , Science, Commerce and Management, Engineering etc, participated actively and suggested implementable modifications in the draft. Also Read – Man tied up to a tree and thrashed in Nalgonda for harassing woman Advertise With Us The conference also strongly felt that the autonomy of educational institutions and powers of the State should be maintained. Further it is suggested that public investment be doubled from 10 per cent of total expenditure to 20 per cent for education sector. Assistant professor Aluvala Ravi, Ramesh , Ms Yaseen , Maddileti gave valuable inputs for the draft . The conference concluded with the report of the deliberations and concluding speech delivered by Gona Reddy.last_img read more

Pollstime cabinet may not be relevant this time Hasina

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh Hasina is briefing journalists at her official Ganabhaban residence on Monday, following her four-day official visit to Saudi Arabia.Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday expressed her confusion about the formation of an election-time smaller cabinet like the one formed before the 2014 ballot, this time around.There were speculations that a polls-time government would be formed once the election schedule is announced. More than one ruling party leaders made broad hints about such an election-time government quite a number of times.Asked at a press conference at her Ganabhaban residence when such a government would be formed, the prime minister said with a smile, “What’s wrong with a bigger cabinet?”When Sheikh Hasina posed a counter question about legal provision of such polls-time cabinet, the senior journalist said, “It’s not in the law.”The prime minister, however, argued that her government’s development programmes may be affected should she downsize her cabinet.“Whom should I drop and retain?… Ministers are responsible for development projects and I fear if one minister is given responsibility of looking after many projects, the speed of implementation may be hampered,” she said.Sheikh Hasina, also president of ruling Bangladesh Awami League, recalled that she had offered the then opposition party in parliament Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) cabinet portfolios to bring it to the elections.The BNP and all major opposition parties then boycotted the 2014 parliamentary polls and AL and its allies won the ballot with 153 members of parliament out of 300 elected without contest.“This time, all the parties that have representation in parliament are given cabinet portfolios. So, let’s see if it is necessary [to downsize the cabinet],” she said. “We’ll look into it if the opposition demands.”She added that she consulted with leaders of the countries that practice parliamentary form of government. “They told me that there is no such thing [smaller cabinet during the holding of the election],” she claimed.Sheikh Hasina also acknowledged that she had discussed the issue of the polls-time cabinet with the leader of the opposition in parliament, that is Rawshan Ershad, wife of Jatiya Party president HM Ershad.About announcement of the election schedule, the prime minister said it is the jurisdiction of the election commission to announce and hold the polls.last_img read more

UPDATE Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape And Criminal Sex Act After Surrendering

first_imgSteven Ferdman/Getty Images via NPRLaw enforcement officers usher a handcuffed Harvey Weinstein into the courthouse for his arraignment in Manhattan on Friday.Harvey Weinstein surrendered Friday to authorities at a police station in New York City, where the Hollywood megaproducer has been charged with rape and sexual misconduct.Weinstein arrived early in the morning at the New York Police Department’s 1st Precinct in Lower Manhattan, ushered into the station by law enforcement officers as members of the media crowded behind metal barriers erected outside. He kept his gaze lowered while shuffling past a barrage of shouted questions.Once inside, Weinstein was charged with one count each of first- and third-degree rape, as well as first-degree criminal sex act. The felony charges concern “forcible sexual acts against two women in 2013 and 2004, respectively,” the Manhattan district attorney’s office announced Friday.“Today’s charges reflect significant progress in this active, ongoing investigation,” District Attorney Cyrus Vance said in a statement. “I thank the brave survivors who have come forward, and my Office’s prosecutors who have worked tirelessly on this investigation.”Officers later escorted Weinstein from the police station to a courtroom, where he entered wearing handcuffs for arraignment. There, a judge set bail at $1 million cash or $10 million bond and assigned Weinstein to wear a monitoring device that he must pay for himself.After the arraignment, his lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, announced that Weinstein intends to plead not guilty. Weinstein has previously denied wrongdoing, asserting that he believes any sexual encounters he engaged in were consensual.Julio Cortez | AP via NPRHarvey Weinstein, seen earlier Friday morning, walks into the Manhattan police station flanked by law enforcement and surrounded by members of the media.Once one of the most powerful men in the film industry, Weinstein had long been rumored to have engaged in sexual misconduct — but it was not until reports in The New York Times and The New Yorker surfaced decades’ worth of sexual assault and harassment allegations that the producer experienced his precipitate fall from grace last autumn.According to the Times‘ Ben Mueller, one of the two women cited in the charges is actress Lucia Evans, who told her story to journalist Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker last year. Evans alleged that in 2004, Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him after luring her into an encounter under false pretenses.“I said, over and over, ‘I don’t want to do this, stop, don’t,’ ” she told the publication, adding that in the end, “He’s a big guy. He overpowered me.”Evans’ allegations added to those of dozens of other women, who claimed that Weinstein had engaged in a vast range of sexual misconduct dating back nearly four decades, ranging from inappropriate touching to incidents of rape.And when women or journalists threatened to publicize these claims, Weinstein allegedly sought to pay for their silence or intimidate them with threats and even a reported “army of spies” to press for their silence.The claims against Weinstein helped catalyze a worldwide movement that came to be known by the social media hashtag #MeToo. Since Evans and others came forward, scores of women have shared their own stories of suffering sexual assault and harassment — stories that have implicated powerful men in Hollywood and beyond, from media and literature to politics and music.Weinstein, for his part, was fired by the board of the film studio he founded with his brother, Bob, not long after the initial reports were published last October. The Weinstein Co. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March and, after a winding path through the courts, received permission earlier this month to sell its assets to a private equity firm.Since the claims surfaced last fall, Harvey Weinstein himself has been investigated by police in several different cities in addition to New York, has been sued for sexual harassment and defamation, and has been expelled from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit Sharelast_img read more

GTA Vs massive world dynamic gameplay revealed

first_imgDetails about Grand Theft Auto V have been trickling out on to the Internet for a couple of weeks, but everyone has been waiting for the Game Informer exclusive to give us a better idea of what to expect from Rockstar’s next game in the series. That issue of the magazine has now been released and with it the floodgates have opened on GTA V‘s features.First of all, the GTA V game world is huge. It is described as taking the worlds of GTA IV, San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption, combining them, and then adding even more to get some idea of just how big the play area is. This extends to the areas of water in the game, which can also be explored given the right equipment. The draw distance has also been improved for the game. GTA IV was limited to 1.5km where as Rockstar says in GTA V you can see for “miles and miles” thanks to a brand new engine.As for gameplay, Rockstar has chosen to give the player control of three different characters, but links them together. These characters are Frankie (street hustler), Michael (retired bank robber), and Trevor (career criminal/drug addict). They can all be customized and each has a particular and unique skill set. This is used to good effect in the game with missions that involve using all three characters in different roles to achieve a common goal. That also means you can flick between the different characters at will and at any point in the game, they all have their own sets of friends/acquaintances to interact with, and each does his own thing when not being used in a mission.How does that impact gameplay? Well, it allows Rockstar to setup missions whereby a single player takes on different tasks in order to keep them in the action. For example, Trevor can be in control of a getaway car, Franklin is available to fire a gun as a passenger, and Michael is providing sniper support from a different location altogether. It’s easy to see how this could be used to good effect and open up involved gameplay beyond just controlling one character and relying on NPCs to perform supporting roles.As you’d expect, GTA V will have a wealth of vehicles to drive and weapons to use. The physics has been improved to bring the driving experience up to racing game standards, but there’s also a range of new vehicles to get around in. Some of the more interesting that have been confirmed include a jet ski, ATV, dirt bike, mountain bike, helicopter, and scuba gear for underwater exploration.Sport seems to be a big thing in GTA V. You can take part in a triathlon, play a round of golf on an 18-hole course, play some tennis, or relax with some yoga. We don’t know if these actually improve your stats in any way, but they are there if you want to kill some time between missions.Rockstar is also promising more options to use the money you accrue in the game, a dynamic mission system (think Red Dead Redemption) giving you more choice over what you do, less celebrity voice acting, and no romance or property buying. And of course, it’s going to look fantastic in the new engine.So as expected, GTA V is bigger, looks better, is more realistic (physics), and adds more gameplay. If we’re lucky, we’ll only be waiting until March to start playing it.via ShopTo and Kotakulast_img read more

Facebooks big music foray New soundtracking feature for stories and its experiments

first_imgSoundtracking feature for Facebook stories has finally been rolled out! Facebook rolled out its soundtracking feature for Stories, on Wednesday. This feature helps you to choose from a catalog of songs, the section of the track you want, and overlaying it on a Story. It also allows you to share these clips to your News Feed. It’s now available on iOS and Android in Czech Republic, Australia,Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Belgium, France,  Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. Facebook is experimenting with a video music app called Lasso As reported by TechCrunch, FB is working towards building a new app called Lasso which is a video music app. It is a standalone product where users can record and share videos of themselves while lip syncing or dancing to popular songs. This app could possibly be a strong competition to Musically, which was a hit amongst teens and pre-teens even before it was acquired by Chinese tech giant ByteDance for around $1 billion and rolled into the company’s TikTok app in November, 2017. Since 2016, Facebook has been investigating on the teen music app space. Earlier this year, Facebook secured licensing deals with all the major music record labels. The brains behind this product are Facebook’s video team and Watch team under the leadership of principal lead product designer, Brady Voss. FB’s experiments with a Lip Sync Live feature for live streaming Karaoke The company has also began experimenting with a Lip Sync Live feature for live streaming karaoke and finally yesterday, Facebook opened it for Pages and began showing some lyrics for few songs on screen. It also plans to allow its users to pin their favorite songs to their profile. so the one visiting the profile can listen to the them. Read Next Nick Clegg, ex-deputy PM of the UK, is joining FB as its Head of Global Affairs Following Instagram founders, Brendan Iribe, Oculus co-founder, leaves FB Facebook says only 29 million and not 50 million users were affected by last month’s security breachlast_img read more