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Kahnawake contemplated Mercier Bridge shutdown in spring over safety concerns

first_imgAPTN National NewsThis summer, with less than 24 hours notice, two out of four lanes on the Mercier Bridge connecting Montreal to the Mohawk community of Kahnawake were closed over structural problems.Now people in Kahnawake say they had seen the warning signs for quite some time.APTN National News reporter Ossie Michelin has this story.last_img

Lankan in Canada who killed wife will not appeal deportation

A week later, IRB member Stéphane Morin deemed he was a danger to the public and a flight risk and could not be released to the care of his brother and sister-in-law. They had both testified that, as far as they were concerned, Thanabalasingham had done nothing wrong, and were willing to put a $50,000 lien on their house as a guarantee. (Colombo Gazette) But it is not clear whether he could be deported even before a judge hears the Quebec government’s appeal of the decision to stay the murder charges against him. He became the first person accused of murder in Quebec to be freed following the Supreme Court Jordan decision, which requires that people accused of crimes be tried within 30 months of their arrest.He had waited 57 months for his trial to begin. Thanabalasingham was released on April 7 after almost five years in jail, but was immediately picked up by the Canada Border Services Agency. Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham, accused of murdering his wife, has decided he would rather be deported to Sri Lanka than remain behind bars in Canada, the Montreal Gazette reported.At his third detention review before the Immigration and Refugee Board on Thursday, he announced his intention to withdraw the appeal of his removal order, paving the way for a much faster repatriation. Thanabalasingham, 31, was set to stand trial in April for the 2012 death of his wife, Anuja Baskaran, when the charges against him were stayed because it had taken too long to bring him before a jury. read more

Google will start transcribing audio recordings again

SAN FRANCISCO — Google is restarting a practice in which human contractors listen to and transcribe some voice commands people give to the company’s artificial intelligence system, Assistant. But this time Google is taking steps to make sure people know what they are agreeing to.The company suspended its transcription practices after more than 1,000 recordings were leaked to the media in Belgium this summer. Critics have said users didn’t fully understand what they were agreeing to because Google’s language was unclear.Amazon, Apple and Facebook have used similar practices. The companies say it helps make their AI systems more accurate.Now Google will require users to agree again to voice transcription and make it clear human transcribers might listen to recordings. The company will also delete most recordings after a few months.The Associated Press read more

UN and US collaborating on Iraq Annan and top Washington envoy reaffirm

“We are working very well together,” Mr. Annan said after meeting with Paul Bremer, the US Administrator in Iraq, as well as the UN envoy, Sergio Vieira de Mello. Confirming this view, Mr. Bremer said their “good discussion” touched on “the many ways in which the United Nations and its specialized agencies can help us with the urgent task of reconstruction in Iraq and the efforts to create a political council which will be representative of the Iraqi people and in the efforts to move forward towards an elected democratic government in Iraq on the basis of a new constitution.””I’m delighted with the meeting we’ve had here today and with the outlook for further cooperation,” the US envoy added.The three officials discussed the formation of the interim Iraqi authority, the Secretary-General said, stressing that the UN’s experience would be important with respect to the tasks of elaborating a constitution and holding elections. “Mr. de Mello, who has done similar work in other parts of the world, is working very closely with the Iraqis and Mr. Bremer to ensure that we do have this smooth transition from the Coalition to the establishment and creation of an Iraqi government down the line.” read more

US hedge fund will vote against Telus efforts for one class of

by News Staff Posted May 8, 2012 1:54 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email A showdown between Telus Corp. and a U.S. hedge fund over the telecom company’s plan to create a single class of common shares will come to a head Wednesday when the issue is put to shareholders.Mason Capital Management has armed itself with some 20 per cent of Telus voting shares and observers say the New York-based fund could gather enough shareholder support to derail the plan.Telus says a single class will provide better liquidity while Mason argues that — as a voting shareholder — it would get shortchanged because voting shares have historically been worth more than non-voting shares.Whether shareholders have aligned themselves with Telus or Mason will only be known after votes are cast Wednesday at the company’s annual general meeting in Edmonton.“I think there are other hedge funds that have also taken a position, but they just haven’t said a peep,” said telecom analyst Troy Crandall of MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier.The plan would allow shareholders to exchange Telus’ non-voting shares with voting shares on a one-to-one basis.Telus accuses Mason of trying to defeat the proposal for its own short-term profit.Non-voting shares tend to trade at a discount to common shares, but after Telus disclosed its plan, both classes of stock started to align with each other in anticipation of the arrangement being a success.Mason owns 33 million voting shares, or 19 per cent, and shorted almost the same amount in non-voting shares, essentially betting the price of those shares will fall if the share consolidation plan is defeated. Short sellers make a profit when the stock price falls.Crandall says it’s not surprising that a hedge fund would take a short position.“They’ve put a tasty piece of steak in front of a bunch of lions and then asked them not to go after the steak,” Crandall said of Telus’ one-to-one conversion plan.If shareholders don’t pass the proposal, Telus (TSX:T) may have to consider a premium for its voting shareholders rather than a one-to-one conversion rate, he added.“It’s clear there is a value to having a vote.”Telus chief financial officer Robert McFarlane pointed to the alignment of the share prices as evidence of the “market’s view of the positive effect benefiting both classes of shares.”Telus said non-voting shares holders get the same dividend as voting shareholders and also notes non-voting shareholders have coattail rights, which means in the event of a change in ownership they would get the same premium as voting shareholders.Michael Martino, a principal and co-founder at Mason, argues the “transaction doesn’t create any value.”“It doesn’t sell one more cellphone contract. It doesn’t get one more business customer signed up. It doesn’t save one dollar of expense,” he said.“It’s just about how the pie is going to be divided up.”Martino said his firm will get shortchanged if there is just one class of common shares because the voting shares have had a four to five per cent premium over the non-voting shares.“The transaction attempts to take that value without compensating us, all the voting shareholders,” Martino said.Mason Capital is open to negotiation with Telus for some kind of compensation, Martino added, but he didn’t elaborate. He wouldn’t say if his firm will attend the shareholders meeting or what their strategy will be.Beutel Goodman & Co. Ltd. holds eight million voting shares and about one million non-voting shares and indicated it will vote in favour of the one-to-one conversion plan.“It’s going to increase the liquidity of the company, it’s going to simplify the capital structure,” said James Black, vice-president of Canadian equities.“It’s a shareholder friendly move so we’re definitely voting in favour of it.”Telus’ non-voting shares are listed only on the New York Stock Exchange and the telecom company said a single class of common shares would be listed on the NYSE and on the Toronto Stock Exchange.Shares in Telus were down 22 cents to $58.20 on the Toronto Stock Exchange, while non-voting shares in Telus were down 55 cents to $57.14 on the New York Stock Exchange. U.S. hedge fund will vote against Telus efforts for one class of common shares read more

At UN Montenegro cities importance of rule of law regional cooperation

Expressing strong commitment to regional cooperation, Milo Djukanovic, Prime Minister of Montenegro told the United Nations General Assembly today that his country is successfully implementing internal reforms necessary for the achievement of its main foreign policy priorities – membership in the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Montenegro is working diligently to achieve MDGs and is now close to their achievement. Looking ahead to the post-2015 development agenda, the Prime Minister told the Assembly’s 68th session that sustainable development goals must be clear, universal, flexible and coherent.In this connection, Mr. Djukanovic told delegations that his country is setting up a Centre for Sustainable Development, and expects it to become operational in early 2014, and expressed hope that it would take on a regional roleReforms in the field of the rule of law, protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as steps under way to improve the situation of the Roma people, are some of the priority areas for Montenegro, said Mr. Djukanovic.In the area of disarmament, the Prime Minister told delegations that his country has from the outset firmly supported a comprehensive and strong wording of the Arms Trade Treaty and was among the first 65 countries to sign it.Turning to the crisis in Syria, the Prime Minister welcomed the agreement reached between the United States and Russia on ensuring international control and destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles, and said it “gives us hope of a diplomatic solution” through resolute action of the Security Council.Stating that the Syrian case, among others, highlights the importance of preventive measures, the Prime Minister went on to say that Montenegro supports promoting the “responsibility to protect” concept and its operationalization.Overall UN reform, especially the reform and reorganization of the Security Council, “will strongly contribute to strengthening the position, relevance and authority of the Organization itself and will bring it into harmony with modern geo-political processes and challenges,” he said. read more

Noncommunicable diseases make poverty even worse Uruguay President warns UN Assembly

“These diseases, to a great extent, result from four risk factors directly related to supposedly typical behaviours of modern lifestyle: smoking, alcoholism, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle,” said President Tabaré Vázquez, who came into the political circle from the medical profession.According to available data, he said, 104,109 individuals will die today as a consequence of non-communicable diseases highly related to the risk factors.“This is not a medical panel or a scientific symposium” but he must tell that it is not only possible to design and implement tobacco control and other effective strategies, but also achieve positive results.“Vicious circles are easily formed in these populations: poverty exposes people to behavioural risk factors of non-communicable diseases and in turn, these diseases tend to make poverty even worse,” he said.He warned that unless the epidemics of non-communicable diseases are strongly fought against, the global goal of poverty reduction – an indispensable condition for sustainable development – will move farther away every day, he said, citing the direct cost of smoking on Latin-American health systems at $33 billion, and the economic cost of cancer in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South Americas at $286 billion.Uruguay is a world leader in the implementation of the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, he said.However, he added, there have been immense challenges, such as a claim brought by Phillip Morris against his country’s regulations to control smoking. In a final settlement decision, the policies adopted by Uruguay were recognized as sovereign, legitimate and respectful of the international commitments undertaken by the country and of international law, he said.That company’s “main reason was to punish a small country which has decided to control tobacco consumption” as a warning to all. The best way to move forward is to invite all countries to implement Framework Convention with “no fear of threats or retaliations from powerful tobacco companies.”Turning to other issues, he commended Colombia for having reached a peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP), and urged the lifting of the embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba.Underlining the essential need for everyone to adhere to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, he said the Paris Agreement on climate change had been the first step taken by States to demonstrate their commitment to reducing emissions and diminishing global temperatures. He welcomed the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants adopted yesterday by UN Member States, and said that Uruguay would remain committed to UN peacekeeping, adding that it would continue to contribute thousands of personnel to operations.Mr. Vázquez is among the many leaders who will address the general debate of 71st General Assembly. The Assembly’s high-level segment opened this year with the adoption of the New York Declaration as the outcome of yesterday’s first-ever UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants. Made up of all the 193 Member States of the United Nations, the Assembly provides a forum for multilateral discussion of international issues covered by the UN Charter. read more

Twitters Top Trending Topics of the Week Catwoman RIP Bieber and More

first_imgIf you feel like you’ve missed out on a lot of this week’s news. That’s what Twitter’s for! You’ve been checking Twitter, right? You haven’t? Well then you have no idea what’s going on in the world. Don’t worry, we’ve been keeping up with the top trends on Twitter this week, so we’ll fill you in, and your friends will be none the wiser.Here are the top trending Twitter topics for the week ending on January 21:1. Golden GlobesThe 68th annual Golden Globe Awards were held on Sunday and were hosted by Ricky Gervais. Many viewers were upset by Gervais’ crude humor, and therefore, Twitter heard their complaints. #GoldenGlobesAdChoices广告2. Catwoman/ Anne HathawayThe news hit that Anne Hathaway had been cast as Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman, in the next Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Many people were shocked by the choice to pick Hathaway, who has never played a role like this. Here’s hoping she proves all the naysayers wrong. #Catwoman3. RIP Justin BieberEveryone calm down. Justin Bieber is not dead. People on Twitter are just, as the English put it “taking the piss” out of the ol’ Biebs, or more, his cult fan following known as Beliebers. Other trending topics are #JBisJonasBrothers, #JustinaBieber, and #DamnBeliebers. #RIPJustinBieberCheck out the rest of the Top 10 list after the jump!4. I Have a Dream/ MLK DayMonday was the federal holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. People were using the famous “I have a dream” lines to tweet what they dream. #IHaveADream5. Google/ Eric Schmidt/ Larry PageEric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, stepped down. Larry Page will become the new CEO as of April 4. #GoogleCEO.6. American IdolThe show kicked off a new season on Fox this week. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are the new judges. OMG. #AmericanIdol.7. Paul CezanneGoogle commemorated artist Paul Cezanne’s (yeah, the still-life fruit guy) 172nd birthday with a special “Google Doodle.” #PaulCezanne. 8. I Love You BecauseC’mon people. It’s a little early for this. Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away. That doesn’t matter to the Twitter population who are sharing reasons why they love someone. #Iloveyoubecause9. Rules for Girls / Rules for MenFor some reason, Twitter is prentending that the word “girl” and the word “men” are equal. Not quite. But anyway, people are tweeting rules they think girls and men should follow. #RulesforGirls #Rulesformen10. Regis PhilbinRegis Philbin, 79, announced that he is retiring from daytime TV. The hunt is on for Kelly’s new co-host. #RegisPhilbin[Photo via]last_img read more

UCAS to open workplace nursery

first_imgThe Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is to open a workplace nursery at its Cheltenham-based headquarters.The on-site nursery, which will be run by Bright Horizons Family Solutions, will provide day care and pre-school education for children between the ages of three months and five years.In addition to providing childcare support to UCAS employees, the nursery’s 50 places will also be open to members of the local community.The day nursery and pre-school will open in September 2016.Mary Curnock Cook, chief executive at UCAS, said: “Providing a workplace nursery for our staff is a signal that we recognise the particular challenges for colleagues wanting to combine a fulfilling career with bringing up a family.“Early indications are that both male and female staff are excited about the opportunity to have their children looked after on site in a high-quality nursery with access to a wonderful expanse of outdoor space.”last_img read more

Hoover pension proposal receives regulatory approval

first_imgThe Pensions Regulator (TPR) has approved a regulated apportionment arrangement (RAA) for appliance retail organisation Hoover’s pension scheme.The proposal will see Hoover pay £60 million into the Hoover (1987) Pension Scheme (HPS). The scheme will also gain ordinary shares in Hoover, representing a 33% stake.The pension scheme, which has 5,319 pensioners and 2,184 deferred members, is expected to transfer into the Pension Protection Fund (PPF).The proposal aims to help safeguard pension outcomes for the 7,503 scheme members, as well as protect jobs across the organisation’s UK sites.TPR formally approved the RAA on 30 May 2017, after both Hoover and the pension scheme trustees agreed on the new arrangement.Hoover had to meet particular criteria to gain formal approval. This criteria included that Hoover would have become insolvent within the next 12 months if the RAA had not taken place. Other considerations include whether the scheme might have received more from an insolvency, whether a better outcome might have been achieved using other means, such as by using TPR anti-avoidance powers, the position of the remainder of the employer group, and whether the scheme was being treated equitably compared to other creditors.The lump sum that is to be paid into the pension scheme is higher than it would likely be if Hoover were to become insolvent.This RAA is the first such proposal to be approved by TPR in 2017, and the second RAA to gain approval in the last two years.Nicola Parish, executive director of frontline regulation at TPR, said: “We do not agree to these types of arrangements lightly but in this case we believe it is the right outcome for scheme members and the PPF. RAAs can also be a useful means to keep [organisations] afloat and preserve jobs.“This type of pension restructuring is rare, and will only be agreed in accordance with our published guidance, so that RAAs are not abused by [organisations] seeking to offload their pension liabilities. We insisted on clear and extensive evidence to show that Hoover would inevitably fall into insolvency without a restructuring of its pension arrangements.”last_img read more

RMLD To Hold Electric Car Show At Wilmington Farmers Market On September 15

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Please join the Reading Municipal Light Department for a free Electric Car Show on Sunday, September 15, 2019, from 10am to 2pm, at the Swain Green located on Middlesex Avenue in Wilmington.Attendees are invited to view an assortment of plug-in electric vehicles from local automobile dealers. Local electric vehicle owners will also be in attendance with their vehicles to offer insider reviews and commentary. Information about charging stations, electric vehicle incentive programs, and rebate programs will also be available.Enjoy complimentary snacks, kids activities, and enter a raffle.If you are an Electric Vehicle Owner interested in showing your vehicle, click HERE.(NOTE: The above announcement is from RMLD.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedRMLD Invites Customers To Attend Free Electric Car Show In Wilmington On September 15In “Community”REMINDER: RMLD To Hold Free Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive Event At Wilmington Farmers Market This Sunday (July 15)In “Community”SAVE THE DATE: RMLD To Hold Family-Friendly Open House On October 10In “Community”last_img read more

Reunification Prospects Unclear For Freed Immigrant Parents

first_img Share APA transport officer, right, helps immigrants Dilma Araceley Riveria Hernandez, and her son, Anderson Alvarado, 2, get off the bus after they were processed and released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Sunday, June 24, 2018, in McAllen, Texas. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)borderA Texas charitable organization says 32 immigrant parents separated from their children after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border were freed into its care Sunday, but they don’t know where their kids are or when they might see them again despite government assurances that family reunification would be well organized.The release is believed to be the first, large one of its kind since President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that preserved a “zero-tolerance” policy for entering the country illegally but ended the practice of separating immigrant parents and children. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offered no immediate comment.Ruben Garcia, director of Annunciation House in El Paso, said the group of both mothers and fathers includes some from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras who arrived to his group after federal authorities withdrew criminal charges for illegal entry. He didn’t release names or personal details to protect the parents’ privacy, and Homeland Security officials said they needed more specifics in order to check out their cases.A Saturday night fact sheet by the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies said authorities know the location of all children in custody after separating them from their families at the border and are working to reunite them. It called the reunification process “well coordinated.”It also said parents must request that their child be deported with them. In the past, the fact sheet says, many parents elected to be deported without their children. That may be a reflection of violence or persecution they face in their home countries.It doesn’t state how long it might take to reunite families. Texas’ Port Isabel Service Processing Center has been set up as the staging ground for the families to be reunited prior to deportation.How the government would reunite families has been unclear because they are first stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, with children taken into custody by the Department of Health and Human Services and adults detained through ICE, which is under the Department of Homeland Security. Children have been sent to far-flung shelters around the country, raising alarm that parents might never know where their children can be found.At least 2,053 minors who were separated at the border were being cared for in HHS-funded facilities, the fact sheet said.The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee hedged Sunday when pressed on whether he was confident the Trump administration knows where all the children are and will be able to reunite them with their parents.“That is what they’re claiming,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”The fact sheet states that ICE has implemented an identification mechanism to ensure ongoing tracking of linked family members throughout the detention and removal process; designated detention locations for separated parents and will enhance current processes to ensure communication with children in HHS custody; worked closely with foreign consulates to ensure that travel documents are issued for both the parent and child at time of removal; and coordinated with HHS for the reuniting of the child prior to the parents’ departure from the U.S.As part of the effort, ICE officials have posted notices in all its facilities advising detained parents who are trying to find or communicate with their children to call a hotline staffed 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.A parent or guardian trying to determine if a child is in the custody of HHS should contact the Office of Refugee Resettlement National Call Center at 1-800-203-7001, or via email at Information will be collected and sent to an HHS-funded facility where a minor is located.But it’s unclear whether detained parents have access to computers to send an email, or how their phone systems work to call out. Attorneys at the border have said they have been frantically trying to locate information about the children on behalf of their clients.Garcia, the Annunciation House director, said his experience has been that telephone contact doesn’t provide any information.“If we bring in 30 cellphones, they’re going to call that number, they’re not going to reach 30 children,” said Garcia, whose organization has been working with federal authorities to assist immigrants for 40 years. “Actually (they’re) not going to be able to give them any information on what to expect.”Customs and Border Patrol said it had reunited 522 children and that some were never taken into custody by Health and Human Services because their parents’ criminal cases were processed too quickly. Officials have said as many as 2,300 children had been separated from the time the policy began until June 9. It’s not clear if any of the 2,000 remaining children were taken into custody after June 9.The “zero-tolerance policy” of criminally prosecuting anyone caught illegally crossing the border remains in effect, officials have said, despite confusion on the ground on how to carry out Trump’s order. Justice Department officials asked a federal judge to amend a class-action settlement that governs how children are treated in immigration custody. Right now, children can only be detained with their families for 20 days; Trump officials are seeking to detain them together indefinitely as their cases progress. Advocates say family detention does not solve the problem.last_img read more

Titanfall devs get Xbox One controller accuracy fixed with an update

first_imgIf there was any doubt that Microsoft thinks Titanfall is the most important thing in the immediate future of the Xbox One, the fact that they are about to release an update changing the functionality of the aiming stick based on recommendations from Respawn should clear that up.Microsoft made a big deal about the changes made to the Xbox One controller from the Xbox 360 design. They claim to have spent $100 million making optimizations and changes to ensure controller perfection. This handheld nirvana has been a huge selling point for Microsoft, and now it looks like a software update is going to slightly change how it works.The surprising part isn’t so much that Microsoft is making this change, rather that the change is coming at the request of Respawn, the makers of Titanfall.According to Titanfall developers, the Xbox One analog sticks are not precise enough to offer the best experience in their game. According to Microsoft, the update will increase the sensitivity of the outer boundaries of these analog sticks. This update will help the movement in Titanfall feel less twitchy, which according to design lead Justin Hendry wasn’t up to par for what they needed.The movement required to be a successful pilot in Titanfall requires a fair bit of precision. It’s hard to judge a game based on its alpha or beta, but so far Titanfall has been a great experience for those who have played it.This update will make things like wall running and rapid weapon tracking a more precise experience, both of which are critical to survival in a 6v6 match. The Pilot’s ability to outmaneuver a Titan at close range is based on being able to move faster than the targeting reticle, and in those environments accuracy is a huge deal.Microsoft has said that the update will be part of the February patch that was initially intended for release on the 11th but has yet to be delivered to Xbox One owners. It’s likely that this update will arrive just in time for the Titanfall beta this weekend, so everyone can enjoy some tasty mech on mech action.last_img read more

Could the Taste of Vodka be Related to Molecular Makeup

first_img Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. ( — When we think of taste, we don’t normally think about how something’s molecular makeup influences our tongues. A group of scientists at the University of Cincinnati and Moscow State University tested the molecular structure of different vodka brands, and began working out some parameters that might indicate which type of vodka is more “smooth”, depending on its chemical properties. Image source: Bourbon versus vodka: Bourbon hurts more the next day, performance is the same More information: Manisha Lalloo, “Vodka’s molecular cocktail,” RSC (May 27, 2010). Available online: … 010/May/27051001.asp © 2010 Citation: Could the Taste of Vodka be Related to Molecular Makeup? (2010, May 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from It seems a little strange to consider this, since vodka is, for the most part, just a mixture of water and ethanol. But, upon analyzing five different brands of vodka, the researchers discovered that there slight differences in molecular structure. RSC offers this on the vodka study:”We observed measurable differences among the brands,” says [Dan] Schaefer. Analysis of the Raman and IR spectra indicated all the solutions contained four components – pure water, pure ethanol, and two hydrates. However the concentration of one of these hydrates, E·5.3H2O, varied between vodkas. “It looks like this can be used as a measure of the physical properties of vodka,” says Schaefer. The taste, suggests the researchers, could be influenced by the way the water molecules create a cage around the hydrate in question. If there are higher amounts of the hydrate, then there are fewer free water molecules, and that could influence the taste of vodka. Of course, reports RSC, not everyone is impressed with the vodka result:Dirk Lachenmeier, head of the alcohol laboratory at the Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Laboratory in Karlsruhe, Germany, thinks the team’s conclusions are conjectural. “There is no basis to push that this might be the holy grail of vodka taste differentiation,” he says. …And, although thought of as a “pure” spirit, Lachenmeier says vodka manufacturers are allowed to slightly influence the taste with different additives such as citric acids.The effort to quantify items that seem purely subjective, like taste, are likely to continue. Schaefer wants to do additional studies to use a parameter to correlate the molecular structure seen in vodka brand preference amongst consumers.last_img read more

Guardians protest against sudden fee hike in school

first_imgKolkata: A missionary school situated on AJC Bose Road near Moulali witnessed protests from guardians, over a sudden fee hike on Thursday morning. The agitating guardians also resorted to a roadblock and were also involved in scuffle with the police, who tried to push back the agitators. According to the agitating parents, Lady of Providence Girls’ School has suddenly raised the tuition fees by Rs 200- 300 a month, keeping them completely in the dark. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThe guardians had resorted to an agitation on Tuesday, following which the school authorities had consented to sit for a meeting on Wednesday. However, even after the meeting, the school stuck to their stand of increasing fees.The guardians alleged that the school has been raising fees in leaps and bounds since January and it has now gone up to a hike of nearly Rs 200 -300 a month. The police managed to pacify the agitators. However, they threatened to continue their agitation on Friday, unless the school authorities roll back the fee hike.last_img read more

Reasons to use vegan cruelty free products

first_imgMade from natural components, vegan products have minimal effects on your skin. Invest in cruelty free products as they are not tested on animals and are safe from harmful chemicals, say experts. Here are some reasons to opt for cruelty free products: 4Following a vegan beauty regime helps you gain a healthy skin. Vitamins B and Vitamin E regenerates the skin cells making your skin appear more soft and radiant and also enhances the natural radiance of the dull skin. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf4Thick and long hair is all conceivable with vegan products. Natural extracts such as green tea and banana in shampoo, hair scrubs and conditioner helps in eradicating impurities and clearing the scalp, as a result in thicker, longer and stronger hair.4Natural ingredients such as seaweed, tea tree oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, chamomile and vitamin C, adds energising abstract to these vegan products. Camomile, aloe vera, seaweed and tea tree purifies the skin and gives a silky soft feel to the skin and are popular for removing excess oil and impurities. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive4Safe from harmful chemicals, vegan products are safe for skin and hair. Choosing only vegan products will save you from harmful chemicals and cruel cosmetics and lowers the chances of skin problems such as rashes, allergies, eczemas, acne, skin inflammation and other skin diseases.4Vegan beauty products are never tested on animals and therefore are 100 per cent cruelty free. The animals used in experiments are not only kept in small cages and put through inhumane conditions, but they’re also subjected to tests that are cruel.4Vegan products are free from beeswax, collagen, gelatin, honey, carmine, cholesterol and other animal derived ingredients.last_img read more

Colin and Analytics Guru Warren Sharp Discuss the NFL by the Numbers

first_imgToday, Colin and NFL analytics guru Warren Sharp discuss his business of predictive NFL analytics, what  the numbers say about the Patriots, why he’s not ready to bail on Josh Rosen after year 1, and why he’s not sold on Mitchell Trubisky after a strong second year.Warren also tells Colin which stats, player and teams are overrated, and which are underrated.Download and subscribe to The Herd: Saturday Special Podcast, exclusively at, iHeart Radio, Google Play, or Apple Podcasts. Get your weekend Herd fix.last_img read more

Success in Apps is Not by Luck But by Design

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. 4 min read Just because the barriers to entry into the entrepreneurial space have been lowered in the mobile-app ecosystem, doesn’t mean that everyone should jump into it.It has become increasingly easier to build your app, but that much tougher to market it. Getting visibility and consistent downloads for your app is like an excruciating pain in the tooth!I get this a lot these days: People approach me with an app idea to try their hand at making some money. Most often, these same people fail to get traction for their app, as I have seen over the years. It’s not just about traction, but about taking in feedback from your customers, evaluating their usage behavior with your app and then applying that insight back into pivoting or making changes in the app.All of this is hard work — extremely hard work. Most people lose interest along the way. Success in the app store is not by luck, but by design.Related: The Shocking Truth: Customers Don’t Want to Engage With Your CompanyWhat these people do not realize is that the only difference between the ones who are successful and those who are not is building apps as a business or as a hobby.Build a business, not an app. An app is just a means or a medium to provide a service to your customer. Before the mobile-app ecosystem came into the play, the largest or the most widely-used medium was websites.Apps lend mobility to a user, which a website cannot. Apps also give a far better native user experience, which the web cannot offer. Therefore some products are better mobile first.The fundamentals of building an app or a business are the same. In fact, an app is a business — if you treat it like one, you will go far and wide and make money along the way. On the other hand, if you just treat it like a hobby, which in my estimates is about 90 percent of the apps out there, your app will be among one of those many that don’t make any money or any difference to your customers’ lives.So here’s the mantra of building a successful app. Build your app like you’re starting a business. You’re the owner of a startup. What must you do to keep it afloat and going? The most basic thing is to build a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) to validate your idea.Once validated through initial customer traction, gain insights into how these users of your app are using the app through analytics and even talking to or meeting them.Related: How to Get the Word Out About a Product Adored by CustomersAt this stage, you will know whether customers like your app. Either way, you will have enough data or information to support it to make a meaningful course correction. This correction can be in the form of a pivot (Burbn to Instagram) or enhancements to make it more appealing by adding or editing features to suit the customer demand.This is the evolution of any startup or a business.If you build it, no one will come. The mistake that most aspiring entrepreneurs make is thinking that putting an app in the app store means the job is done. That if you build it, your customers will come. This isn’t Noah’s Ark.  What are the chances that someone will discover your app among 1.2 million other apps on the iOS app store? You must assume that when you build your app, no one will download it. That’s the worse that can happen. And you build your business from there on.This will help you plan strategies to reach out to your potential customers. Here are some resources that will help you with your marketing strategy: 25 creative ways to help you promote your app for free, building word of mouth and four gutsy trade secrets to increase app downloads.Before you go any further, if you’re not ready to put in those extra hours and commit to making your app successful, it’s just not going to happen. Apps are successful by design. Apps are successful when the entrepreneurs behind them are determined to make them successful. Not by leaving it to chance or luck.Related: How to Get Your App in Customers’ Hands and Build Word of Mouth Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global June 4, 2014 Register Now »last_img read more