Month: May 2020

Koke is back, Vitolo is discharged and Filipe visits the group

first_imgBut it seems complicated that it may be of the game, since Simeone has been rehearsing with the eleven of these last days. Oblak; Trippier, Giménez, Felipe, Lodi; Correa, Thomas, Herrera, Saul; Morata and João Félix. We will have to see, however, if Koke enters the summoned list to measure himself to the Levant. I could enter the call and play a few minutes with a view to be at the top for the meeting on the 9th of the Spain Supercup against Barcelona.Atlético received a visit from one of the illustrious team of the last seasons. Filipe Luis was visiting his teammates taking advantage of his vacation days in Spain. The rojiblanco club intends to pay homage to the left-hander.Vitolo was dischargedThe club reported that Vitolo is now available for the Cholo Simeone. The end, who suffered a grade I injury to the adductor muscles, may enter the call for the match against Levante. Last Monday he trained with his teammates normally, so, except surprise, he will be on the Wanda Metropolitano bench. Atlético’s last training before receiving Levante and the preparatory session counted with the novelty of Kok’s presenceand. The midfielder exercised alongside the rest of his teammates and could be available for the match against the granota set. Koke did not play against Betis when suffering a muscle elongation and throughout this week he had not exercised under the orders of Cholo.last_img read more

The reasons why Saudi Arabia will not buy an English club

first_imgIt has recently been announced that the country will host a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2023, and important boxing matches have already taken place. In addition, Al Hilal, champion of the previous season of the Asian Champions League, is a team from Saudi Arabia. For this reason, the Saudi government wants to privatize its main football teams.These rumors circulate because it would not be the first time that a European club is bought by a country in the Middle East. In 2008, Abu Dhabi bought Manchester United, and later, in 2011, Qatar bought the PSG.The reason for the investment made by these countries was to soften the risks in the face of political instability in the Gulf, moving their assets abroad. Saudi Arabia, however, is less concerned with mitigating risks, as it is one of the political, religious and ideological powers of the region.For this reason, if the Riyadh government invests abroad it would be for commercial reasons. Even so, this option is unlikely since the Saudi government focuses more on the national level. In fact, such a purchase would mean a significant change in the policy of the Saudi government. Despite rumors about Saudi Arabia’s interest in buying an English football team, the Saudi sports strategy is based on national investment to achieve its growth.During the past three years, several have circulated rumors about the interest that Saudi investors have in buying a Premier League club. The biggest rumor is that Newcastle United is being persecuted by the Public Investment Fund of the government of Saudi Arabia. It is also believed that Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince of the kingdom, is very interested in buying the Manchester United.The idea would be to buy a football club and then sign some of the best players in the world and thus be able to promote yourself as a tourist destination.But The objective of the Saudi government focuses more on the national level. For now, Saudi Arabia will spend billions of dollars on projects that attract tourists to the country and position the kingdom as one of the tourist destinations and host of the most important events in the world.last_img read more

Advíncula denies that he charges in Panama and his complaint to the Lightning

first_imgIn view of the news appeared in the Press today, I want to say:one. I have not denounced Lightning.two. Arancha Mérida is not and has not been my representative and I have not authorized anyone to report Lightning on my behalf.3. There is no irregularity in the payments made by Rayo Vallecano nor in its taxation to the Spanish Agency of the Tax Administration. Luis Advíncula has been involved in the controversy. This Monday had transcended the complaint of the Peruvian agent to Rayo before the RFEF and LaLiga for alleged irregularities in the payment of his salary. Already at night, the side took the floor and issued a statement on their Social Networks, denying the largest.last_img read more

Setién vs Bordalás: a history of attacks and disagreements

first_imgQuique Setién and José Bordalás, two antagonistic technicians in the style they impose on their teams, will face them again next Saturday at the Camp Nou with aa newspaper archive full of statements that reveal a rivalry that over time has been softened to an apparent cordiality.The Barcelona-Getafe of the weekend will be the most even of all that have been played at the Camp Nou. The Bordalás team had never reached the Barca field so high in the standings. It is third after 23 days and after its exhibition against Valencia (3-0), it seems that the candidacy of the Azulón team to play the next edition of the Champions League is serious. Bordalás, on this occasion, answered his counterpart on the bench. He made his position clear: “The important thing is that he has won the team that has most wanted to win, the one that has most sought the victory and the one that has thrown a couple of balls. I think it is a very serious and I urge disrespectful, Federation, LFP or AFE to take action on the matter to cut these comments “, he claimed.2017Already with the two coaches in the First Division, Bordalás in Getafe and Setién in Betis, both signed a 2-2 on November 3, 2017, at the Benito Villamarín stadium that unleashed criticism from the Cantabrian coach: “I thought it was unfortunate. Getafe is the team that lacks the most. He knows it and it is unfortunate that only three minutes have been added. It is always the same. These things have to look at it because the referee’s fault . You can’t allow only 25 minutes to play each time. This is not football. This is something else. My blood boils. “.Those statements broke the usual greeting of the coaches before the games. Bordalás, in the return clash that was played at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, did not approach Setién to shake his hand. It was the last time that both got involved in a dialectical dispute.2018Then, in every confrontation that their matches have played, it seems that cordiality has returned. Or, at least, a truce imposed not to light the fuse. On October 28, 2018, Getafe won 2-0 against Betis and Bordalás, who also did not greet the Cantabrian, was asked again about the state of his relations with Setién.“I have never made any comment about Mr. Setién. I have only defended my team from criticism. We have not entered into such things. We have not greeted each other because I have left a little late. I will not enter, I have nothing to comment. We have to enjoy the good moments of football. We have won a game, we have not done anything, but we have a few hours to enjoy “.In the return clash, he beat Betis again, 1-2 at Villamarín, and threw a capote at Setién after being questioned by the whistles he received from his hobby the former coach Verdiblanco: “It is not pleasant and I do not like it. I am very respectful of all the hobbies, which are sovereign and that of Betis has shown that it is fantastic. I respect the work of all the technicians very much, that of Betis too. If he is here, it is because no one has given him anything. “2019After that meeting, Setién held out for more than a month on the Betis bench. He was dismissed on May 19, 2019 and since then the path of both coaches have not crossed again. Until this Saturday. Again, the faces will be seen again. One, in Barcelona, ​​the other, is still in Getafe. It seems that the fires are already suffocated, but a public greeting is still pending that could return in the Camp Nou to seal the peace definitively. 2013In the midst of that clash of styles, In the past there was also a verbal confrontation that began in 2013, when José Bordalás trained Alcorcón and Quique Setién al Lugo. On April 13 of that year, Setién criticized the Bordalás team after losing 0-1 in the Anxo Carro. “We have let ourselves be won by a team that has not deserved it. I am pissed to see the players waste time. Of the teams that are up, I hope that the Alcorcón does not ascend, because it is sad to see them. It is a complicated rival because it does not play or let play. They interrupt and waste time “said Setién that day.2014A year and a half later, on November 23, 2014, again they both collided in a duel between Alcorcón and Lugo. Setién again criticized the team led by Bordalás: “It seems that all teams warmed the game against Alcorcón and this team ends up having trouble with everyone, not with me. This has been a game to call it somehow, because I do not interpret it as such, I interpret it as something else. It has not there has been continuity, with some assiduity there have been interruptions, messes and for us it is not like the ones we used to play“, said. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 11, 2020center_img LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 11, 2020 With a three-point income over the fifth classified, Sevilla, Getafe needs revenue at the Camp Nou to stay in the fight to finish in the top four. To do this, Bordalás will have to overcome a team whose coach imposes a completely different style from the blue box, marked by intensity, fighting, verticality, poor possession and fast transitions.last_img read more

Cantona-Deschamps: a hatred since 1996 for “carrying water bottles”

first_imgA few days after Didier Deschamps gave his list of 23 for the 2016 European Championship that France played at home, Eric Cantona expressed suspicion of racism by questioning the motivations of the former Juventus to make the list on the occasion of two absences, those of Karim Benzema and Hatem Ben Arfa.“Deschamps has a very French name. Perhaps he is the only one in France who has a really French name. No one in your family is mixed with anyone. Like the Mormons in America. I am not surprised that he used Benzema’s situation to avoid carrying it. Ben Arfa may be the best in France but it has certain origins. If Deschamps is racist? Maybe not, maybe yes. Something is certain, they are two of the best players in France, they will not be and they have roots from North Africa. The debate exists, “Cantona said.Deschamps denounced him and today, they will be seen in court as ‘King Eric’ is charged with defamation. “There is a line that cannot be crossed. And when you touch the family, it is unacceptable. I will go to the end,” the Frenchman promised and fulfilled.The origin of the disputeThe matter, according to L’Equipe in an extensive dossier, comes from afar. The most widespread theory, impossible to confirm by the French newspaper, is that Deschamps tried to convince Jaquet, the French coach, that Cantona, captain, was not summoned for the 1996 Eurocup. The reason: Eric’s kick to the Crystal Palace fan who uttered racist insults against himl. His intention, according to sources close to Cantona consulted by L’Equipe, was to be definitively done with the team’s costumes. A difficult version to give absolute truth that, according to other sources, also contrasts Cantona’s refusal to go when the coach asked him to play forward and not as a midfielder, since he wanted to. Be that as it may, Didier took the bracelet.After the European Championship, Cantona shot. The striker said in the Gazetta dello Sport before a Juventus-United that it was A player who was only worth “carrying water bottles” and someone who could do what he did you could find “in the corner of any street”.It wouldn’t be the last time I would talk about him. “Didier plays the monk, the moralizing monk, but he will end up falling into all the vices of the world,” he said that same month. L’Equipe states that Cantona always saw Deschamps as someone who moves well in the shadows of politics and who has bothered him deeply from his time in Marseille. There, L’Equipe puts the spotlight, when Tapie, president of the OM, threw the striker away from a charity match. This newspaper says that Cantona, already from Manchester, was up to date on the good relationship that Deschamps had with the top Marseilles president. Something that he did not like at all already in the late 80’s and that, over the years it went to more. Today, the dialectical battle between the two will reach the courts of Paris.last_img read more

The club cares about the well-being of its quarry and its schools

first_imgReal Valladolid has not only sent a series of recommendations for these days of quarantine to its professional squads, the First and Second B teams, or the youth teams, but has sent a notification to the parents of all the children of the schools of Real Valladolid to give them guidelines on how to behave these days, how to take care of themselves, train and eat.In a document to which AS has had access, the blanquivioleta club recommends having a diet based on a balanced and varied diet, sleeping the appropriate time and following the usual schedules, not sitting for more than 50 minutes, so small walks are recommended, while recommending moderate exercise on a treadmill or exercise bike, if available. The goal is to avoid sedentary behavior so you are invited to play sports on consoles. In addition, the need to maintain adequate personal hygiene is recalled and the usual hand washing is emphasized. In addition, within the recommendations, the nutritionist of the club, Fernando García Oliveri, linked a video in which he recalled the importance of strengthening the immune system, based on exercising and eating a good diet, emphasizing the need to take products with vitamin A: carrot, tomato, red pepper; vitamin C: orange, strawberries, kiwi, red peppers; zinc: red, white meat, cheeses, clams and crustaceans; probiotics: yogurts; in addition to foods that are antiviral like onion and garlic or anti-inflammatory like turmeric and ginger. Nor should you forget to take vegetables, fruits and vegetables, which are antioxidants, or nuts and seeds, although in moderation due to their high caloric value.last_img read more

Complaint against Rousaud

first_imgJosep Maria Bartomeu has completed the first phase of the remodeling of its board in the absence of incorporating new members in a second phase. The president of Barça remodeled his council after the telematic meeting on Tuesday afternoon that he had to face the crisis caused in the entity after the resignation of six managers. In this sense, the club approved denouncing former vice president Emili Rousaud for the words in which he assured that in the case of Barçagate (monitoring of Social Networks by the company I3 v entures) “someone had reached into the box ” “Given the serious and unfounded accusations made by Mr. Emili Rousaud (…) the board of directors categorically denies any action that could be classified as corruption and consequently has agreed to file the corresponding criminal action”explains the statement.Regarding the remodeling of the board after the departure of Rousaud himself, Enrique Tombas, Maria Teixidor, Josep Pont, Jordi Calsamiglia and Sílvio Elias, the board is as follows. Jordi Moix, until now responsible for the Espai Barça project, becomes the new economic and heritage vice president. Pau Vilanova also promoted to vice-presidency, who from working in the social area became institutional vice-president instead of Rousaud. Oriol Tomás will replace Josep Pont as head of the commercial area with the rank of vice president. The only director remaining on the council, Marta Plana, becomes the secretary of the council instead of Maria Teixidor, while David Bellver is promoted to treasurer.With regard to sports policy, the position of sports vice president is still not covered, which Josep Maria Bartomeu will continue to perform de facto. Javier Bordas will be the manager responsible for the first team, while formative football, which was in charge of Sílvio Elias, will have Xavier Vilajoana as manager. Vilajoana will also deal with women’s football in place of Maria Teixidor.Marta Plana and David Bellver also join the Compliance committee, which is the one that should assess in the first instance the audit commissioned by Price Waterhouse Coopers, which according to Barça in its statement, could not be completed due to the coronavirus pandemic. They argue that there are some processes (interviews) that must be done in person.last_img read more

Espinosa: “I would have preferred to stay in the field”

first_img“Now the important thing is that as many lives as possible be saved” We continue to know the reactions of the Spanish footballers affected by the premature end of the football season in the Netherlands. This time we spoke with midfielder from Twente Javier Espinosa, who believes that the country “is not yet aware of the seriousness of the situation.” “Confinement is voluntary. And although schools and restaurants have closed, most stores are open. There are people everywhere, at least in Enschede. So I am surprised that they have decided to end football“adds the ex from Barça or Granada.Twente, a club that a year ago managed to return to the Eredivisie along with other Spaniards such as Aitor Cantalapiedra or Nacho Monsalve, he has been favored by the decision of the KNVB (Royal Netherlands Football Association). The group led by the Hispano-Uruguayan Gonzalo García he was only one point above the descent, although Espi – as his friends call him – “would have preferred to achieve permanence in the field”. “I think that if the rest of the games had been played we would also have managed to continue in the Eredivisie,” says the Spaniard, who urges being “in solidarity” with the teams that will not be able to achieve the objectives for which they were fighting this year: “It is not fair that they be prohibited from fighting for what they had earned on the field”.Aware that “it is impossible to please everyone”, Javier Espinosa believes that both Willem II and FC Utrecht deserve to play next season in Europe. “It is a very difficult situation. Willem have had a fantastic campaign and Utrecht have reached the Cup final. Playing would have been the only way to do justice.” The Spanish was already preparing to return to training – it was planned that the templates could train together on May 29 – when he received the news that the Eredivisie will not be held again until next September. Espi “would have waited”, because the government’s decision “does not match the appearance of the streets”. Javier Espinosa, Twente playercenter_img In Second the situation is not different. The NAC Breda of his former partner Monsalve said goodbye to the possibility of promoting despite having imposed himself in the first period of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. And Cambuur, a modest team that chained seven consecutive victories and had already achieved 11 mattress points compared to third place, will have to try again next year. “They don’t deserve to end the season like this”, values ​​Espinosa, who believes that there is still room for rectification: “Each club has the right to fight as far as necessary for what it considers fair.”One year of promotionThis week marks the year of Twente’s return to the Eredivisie. An achievement in which Javier Espinosa participated playing 33 games in which he scored four goals and gave eight assists. “It was very nice because, although it may not seem like it, both the club and the footballers had to endure a lot of pressure last season. In the end we managed to return the club to its proper place. It was great to remember the celebration now that it’s been a while. “The midfielder born in Talavera de la Reina, who has already finished his first season in the Eredivisie, values ​​everything he has learned this year very positively, although he ends his contract next June and still does not know what the future will bring him. “Now the important thing is that as many lives as possible be saved”. Although he believes that it is difficult to get positive things out of the pandemic, Javier Espinosa hopes that “we learn to value being close to the family -his brother Diego fights in the front row against COVID-19- and friends. And to appreciate the little things of life, they are the best there is. “last_img read more