Month: September 2017

Old NetEase fierce entrepreneurial and what is the relationship between Ding LeiHow to make full us

old NetEase business in the early beam and Guan Guoguang. Later the game Xu Bo, Chen Weian, Zhan Zhonghui, Feng yun. Li Xueling, Li Yong, the portal side of salmon and Tang Yan. The TOEIC, founded more, snowball finance, unfamiliar street, rain doctors.

does have a lot of departments in pension. When the boss scolded portal endowment, is part of the establishment of the.

and so on, for different categories of products, the commission rate is different. These sites often need to promote the physical goods, they will put a lot of commodity code in the members of the background for members to choose, you can according to website content, business and preferences to choose the right products. Recently in the insurance industry there are 18 e-commerce sites, such as Ping An, Taikang online, network security, network security is clear positioning their e-commerce sites, the online products are insurance card, this product is very suitable for online sales, convenient transaction, the other is the biggest advantage of it is saved logistics, because of the large amount of insurance card only online activation will be effective, recently also launched a network security alliance promotion plan, mainly is the integral plan, which is different from other B2C sites of special read more

Novice webmaster optimization analysis three elements

finally want to say is the description of the website, which is a combination of a project and the title of the website keywords. If the key is.

search engine optimization? Three links between elements and how! Today Xiaobian help you to answer.

said the second point is the site of the key words, the classification factors of each industry are not the same, so it is not the same word. But no matter what your words, your word index is high, we must choose the definition of key words or phrases. Keywords sometimes often a site we see that what is the level of the station, and that the choice of keywords to ability for our own webmaster and to understand, we are engaged in the industry competition analysis, do keyword specific plan set up a website, but also can analyze the competition the opponent’s website to select keywords they need. Ask other webmasters, to 100 long to fill their own weaknesses, so your website keywords can do better, more suitable for you. To make full use of keyword selection tool. After all, the wisdom of others can become their own weapons. read more

Now the pseudo original acquisition software is anything to do

Before Once the

unfortunately, there are still many webmasters still rely on pseudo original way to update your website through the acquisition of content on the internet. The acquisition of the content of the practice, in the time spent on writing though much less than the original article, but this is usually collected over the article quality is not as good as the original, and the software through the pseudo original articles collected by search engine included in the process to be lower, because now the search engines are very intelligent. A "smart", is not so easy to be fooled by the pseudo original. read more

f you know the train you can click on the principle of malicious sun ran a smile

source of this situation is this: a main push of the explosion models, when there is a certain sales and evaluation, will control ranking on the first page, get as much as possible flow. New faces come out overnight, naturally there will be peer locked, so malicious clicks came.

therefore, a time not to do and not such things, more energy should be spent on how to improve the click rate and the conversion rate of details. When malicious clicks businesses also don’t fear, should be delighted, because it means that the quality of key points in second days. read more

Limit Tax and remittance charges for seventy fourth periods of advertising expensesDo Wangzhuan to a

in view of this situation, I have decided to waive all taxes and remittance charges for the seventy-fourth period November 16th, -11, 30 in order to make up for the loss of the owner.

awake at night, can not swallow food, you cry.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

! on tenterhooks.


if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: cnxad

people inevitably have impulsive time, especially young people, chase girlfriend urgent, looking for work urgent, want to quickly upgrade, anxious, salary increase, urgent business, buy a house very urgent. But looking back, do you find it urgent and useful? Most of them are counterproductive. You have to slow down. The young man courageous, energetic and spirit is normal, but to some lack in experience and methods to solve things, so it is more mature more favorable, it is not to say that "will become the largest industry in an old head on young shoulders", it is not without reason. Is anxious not to do a lot of problems in the process of Dongfeng Wangzhuan is not anxious to. When do Wangzhuan decision more calm, more stable, more conducive to make the right decision. A mouthful of food, a road to go step by step, to improve the ability to accumulate wealth requires a process. Life is like climbing, picking up, and in this process, every step should be stabilized, otherwise, not only can not uplink, there may be backward or even fall. Even though the rapid upward, to step by step, step by step on the otherwise empty, will be doomed eternally. read more

The site right down flow analysis postprocessing

second: link to buy each other, whether there is the link between A—B-C–D, if present, may be innocent judgment to stand group also said that bad.

home page weight greater than: is there some large site pages ranking, and no home page ranking? Is not the core of search words appear in the eyes of the pages, rather than home? The homepage is part of a smoke flow can not be separated, was down right home page first: the impact of brand effect second, first of all, affect the flow! We first look at the main reasons: read more

Three skills do website optimization work

website optimization innovation, development strategy of

website optimization is always a problem for most Adsense eyes, do optimization is more difficult than building a website, it is not only highly skilled can make stable website optimization, not because the skill can make the keyword of the website has a good ranking, website optimization is the key to see persistence, stability and innovation, do these three points to ensure the optimization of internal strength of a website is strong, can break the shackles. read more

Trademark registration network is right down the antecedents and consequences need to be cautious s

2, not related to soft


I suggest two days of submission time, and timely monitor the growth of the chain of soft paper, if the increase in the chain number is already too much, then immediately stop the active construction of other platform outside the chain, the chain is reproduced if the number is not much, then you can take the initiative to build.

is the website Guangzhou trademark registration, so the website should be the theme of the trademark registration, but because the submission of the soft Wen basic is Shanghai dragon the knowledge share, lead to the chain. The site is 贵族宝贝, you may wish to analyze the sites mentioned here, some time ago, the website chain content is highly correlated with trademark registration in Guangzhou, so even if there is no soft help, also can get good rankings, then is due to the increase in a large amount of irrelevant chain, led directly to the ranking drop. read more

S log analysis tools EXCEL PivotTable

then the first 4 rows to delete, select the A column, click on the excel > data in >

file is too large may not operate, can be used to open UltraEdit, you want to get the screening data (specific to download a paper). The file is not large can use Notepad to open direct copy to EXCEL.

A1 then select the right column > > C D, and then inserted into the I column, E, delete. Enter in the first line: date, time, page, parameter, port, IP, spider status code in addition to explain the parameters, parameters of the dynamic page mark (?) back part. The path behind the 贵族宝贝 parameter value is 3, then the combination is really URL is 贵族宝贝> read more

Local enterprises from the local search engine optimization service benefit

follow the user friendly navigation program

let us discuss some relatively small enterprise development, help the local Shanghai dragon company.

site is always a slow user’s nightmare, and a web site, is fast to enhance the user’s energy of lightning, when it comes to visit. Fast loading a website, help faster and higher conversion is a fact as everyone knows. Do not know if there is a Web browser in the world all the patience. Of course, if a page to load user age will soon lose interest and the page will obviously lose flow at any time. This is what reason, ensure that the local Shanghai Longfeng service provider, web page loading time is kept to a minimum, so that they can retain substantial traffic. read more

From the development of the major search engines to push nternet site security verification

at present, in order to further rectify the situation of the Internet, the monsters and freaks of all descriptions, love dragons and fishes jumbled together, Shanghai (united in 360), Sogou search launched website security authentication service, launched the first website security verification is the 360 comprehensive search, then love Shanghai is not lonely launch site security verification, Sogou search in recent the launch site security verification. A series of measures of the major search engines, that future of the Internet disorderly atmosphere rectification, open Internet pattern is destined to have too many false, mixed and disorderly information mixed in various phishing sites, betting station, Se station full of them. In recent years, the proportion of Internet fraud has been soaring, so it is inevitable to search engine development. read more

City Express web site optimization experience


tried to draw plenty of traffic from search engines, to expand brand awareness, not a specific products. Such as China Mobile, gome. Depending on the search engine traffic, and will the flow as a product to attract advertisers to the web advertising. Here, I hope every Shanghai dragon can purify network environment, reduce spam. The success of the site optimization to the desired position, and not only the method of cheating, as long as the heart, I want to do is the praise of the site, is not a problem. read more

PR will go up ranking will go up

1, the PR value is better than none

2, new PR is not a legend

many people are on the official website of Discuz PR 0 is concerned, last year the station PR is 8 to 7, during the landing, the updated directly is cleared, the reason and the official forum revision often have great relevance, or by virtue of its millions of included and more than 600000000 of the YAHOO chain how may PR0. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon also has a PR1 website recently revised just hit on the muzzle PR was reset.

these days for many webmaster speaking is more difficult to forget, just like the original 520 love Shanghai difficult to forget, because in today’s noble baby after a lapse of six months once again updated PR. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon to celebrate you webmaster website PR rise, of course some of them may have landed, like I have a station because the revision problem PR is cleared. In recent years, especially since last year, Google launched the beginning, from the view of our noble baby dilution caused by our webmaster PR is not too heavy, but I want to say is that there are still many webmaster want their website with high PR value. The new PR is heard from a baby engineer hand, this update, two or three months of new sites have the PR value and not expect, because of the many new sites directly from PR0 to PR3 and even to pr4. To say is a miracle, the PR updates about the author’s own views. read more

The content of the website page love Shanghai and Google included weight comparison

Figure two:

: a Google search results


is often the case, a lot of content pages can also get a good ranking in Google; and love Shanghai seems to have a lot of weight sites are mainly concentrated in the home page, the inside pages of the weight ratio of right home important is much lower (relative to Google), so the inside pages can be ranked very little. Of course, this is just a situation like B2B and some other platform in the page weight is very high. Personally think that Google than love Shanghai is considered more search results should be in accordance with the needs of the searcher, Shanghai is not love, but also still need to be improved in read more

Submit your site Google review request

Google Webmaster Tools "links pointing to your site" can be used as a tool for a good start on the detection of the quality of your site outside the chain. If you have a specific period of time using the Shanghai dragon competition means to obtain some words ranking, then you can download the chain data of the specific time period. Then use the chain link data, compared with the common quality problems, leading to the conclusion. Common violations of Google webmaster guidelines unnatural links: spam blog comments, automatically generated insert with optimized link posts, text ads, PageRank can enhance the incoherent links in the article, the low quality of the directory or bookmark links, are widely distributed in various sites, with a link in the footer optimization of link forum signature or forum comments etc.. In addition, you can go to the Google webmaster forum asking to get peer or expert advice and help. read more

Shanghai dragon Er are you still be old ideas hold you

Shanghai dragon old ideas really so important, then the authority? The Marx doctrine teaches us to look at things with suspicion, for these old ideas and we don’t need it confused, it was led by the nose, the mainstream idea should go to redefine a new Shanghai dragon eye.

Shanghai dragon, from the introduction of foreign Chinese until now, a variety of Shanghai dragon ideas and skills but really stand practice emerge in an endless stream, there are very few. As a result, many Shanghai dragon Er are these old ideas of the nose, the result getting tired, but never get out of the alley. read more

Shanghai dragon inside and outside the chain optimization on site


4, which is standing in the front of the page. Analysis of the row in front of the competitors’ keywords page, is an independent domain name or two level domain name? Is the channel page or column page? Or a separate page? If most of the content page, we can use a special page, column page and channel page to go beyond the opponent.

2, ask the people around how to search

3, go to the website to find a competitor to the

3, from the user’s point of view. With the technical aspects of the word, customers are not familiar with. read more

Shanghai dragon Tag tags optimization technology


1. common

1. for each article added Tag, so you add Tag articles will be directly linked to the East journey the corresponding Tag page. This will increase your chance of being the visit.


3. blog add up to 10 Tag, the length of each Tag is 15 characters;

Tag (Chinese called "tag") is a new organization and management mode of online information. It is different from the traditional keyword search for the file itself, but a kind of fuzzy classification, and intelligent. Tag (label) is a more flexible way to log classification and interesting, you can add one or more Tag for each log (label), then you can see all the East journey and you use the same Tag log, and thus produce and other users to contact and communicate more. Tag reflects the strength of the group, the correlation between the log and the user interaction is greatly enhanced, can let you see a more diverse world, a greater degree of Blog space, a hot news broadcast. Tag provides a hitherto unknown network of new experience for you…… read more

Shanghai dragon famous interpretation how to determine the success or failure of the details

Shanghai Longfeng effectMany people

second, Shanghai dragon is a variety of long-term implementation details, the cumulative effect will be.

in the implementation process, a lot of people seem to be busy every day, but no details perfectly. For example, some people will try to start a blog, often open a dozen blog, the first two are also very hard to maintain, but a few days later, enthusiasm subsided, blog is abandoned, and then go to try, but also three minutes warm. As a result, seemingly every day very hard exploration, but nothing is busy, not what Nadechushou resources for several months. So constantly tired ah, boring, boring ah. read more

Statistics nobility baby high ranking is what page

first, the chain number more, ranking or better. No matter how many people claim that the chain did not use what, statistics, and ranking the most relevant or the chain.

this kind of artificial intelligence and semantic understanding ability will make Shanghai Longfeng have a comprehensive and significant change from keyword research to the structure of the website, writing from the content to the page optimization. After a time again.

3) depth theme for the ranking of


4) long page ranking read more