Month: July 2017

Retail customers how to seize large customers

no matter what kind of shop, if you can catch a big customer, which for the latter part of the store’s business development is undoubtedly very favorable. In fact, large customers, repeat customers is an important guarantee to improve the operating efficiency of retail outlets. Practice has proved that the greater the number of customers and back, the stronger the competitive strength of the store, the higher the level of profitability. So, retail customers how to seize the big customers, retain repeat customers? I visited a number of more experienced retail customers, let us listen to their practices and suggestions. read more

Seven steps to determine an optimal degree of difficulty of the project

whether companies or individuals, whether small or large projects in the project, then live before, must first confirm the difficulty of optimization of the project, the project can not do, and then to the customer at a reasonable price, do not report to scare away customers, low at the expense of their own. Are some of the skills of the project, the following radish on the system to tell you about it.

step 1: check the hardware of the site,

The stability of the

server is an important element of the website SEO, the server is often a problem, even if you do SEO in Niubi is no good; the security of the server if there is security, whether it is often linked to horse, the website was hacked by traffic conditions; eat project, to know the server can also allow many people to visit do optimization first, to ensure that users cannot access the server not because broadband problem phenomenon; if the flow reached the requirements of the customer, the server can bear it. read more

Talk about the core idea of product sales site promotion


product marketing site says it’s a shopping site that allows visitors to buy products through product introductions on the site. Here is a brief talk about the promotion of such websites.

a clear purpose, the first thing to make clear is that the sales website is for the customer to do, and his ultimate goal is to sell the product, the more the better. In this way, when you write the soft text, less on the site description, more of the product introduction, so that product information is more simple and clear. read more

What’s so hard about online education Look it’s a weight issue

a lot of people doing this is difficult, where


first difficult, no traffic (or traffic is small),

second difficult, low conversion rate, small flow, then basically no conversion fee student amount.

This article seems to have no

. Most complain is not to make money, really tired. This is certainly a false proposition, Zhenlei ye may not make money, should not make money, the heart is tired, exactly is trouble.

At the beginning of

business is not difficult to do, why is it so hard to online education, a monthly income of millions is not. Probably because of too many competitors, yes, not the user does not pay, is too much competition. In ensuring the quality of the premise of the course, to find traffic is indeed the most tired. read more

Some questions about how to improve website traffic

my website has been doing for a long time, and has been doing badly. Please ask the experts to help me analyze it carefully. Thank you very much,


station built in 99 years, the time is purely personal entertainment, very boring, spend time with, and so on and off for three or four years, never thought to do what optimization, to update the content of the website, because at that time working outside, do not have too much time to maintain. Later, I feel like I have a good software download, because I’m installing computers and repairing computers everywhere. I have to use a lot of software in many cases. Then the site on the big revision, big surgery, into software download, all are manually added up, belong to pure static form. Add a software, it is necessary to change the home page, at that time, did not use some of the online system, at that time, slowly join the grassroots ranks. read more

New site must see information

and a new person to join the ranks of the webmaster, friends want to do stand, let me write an article about the new site should know what and attention to him. I haven’t written any articles for beginners since I’ve just started my business. I would like to call this opportunity to be published and to share my experience with summing up my experience. I think it’s very useful for beginners. Get to the point:

Article 1: site positioning

summed up a sentence: combined with their own, precise positioning, not big, but fine and professional. read more

9 City sued blizzard demon animal may stop introduction

anger, only anger.

9 sued blizzard, we may not be able to continue the game, press and Publication Administration said, foreign enterprises disputes, once the foreign litigation and arbitration was proposed and accepted, the product will be stopped by the examination and approval. I am very clear, and now the NetEase is about to apply for "World of Warcraft" approval, precisely at this critical juncture, the precise point of time is really a tongue. Of course, I know, often a legal dispute could be just a few months, can also be a few years (the delay time is also a skill, some enterprises do not hope too hard), all of this is possible, but also I don’t want to also don’t want to think about the problem now. read more

Game video sharing website Twitch what sell 1 billion knives

[Abstract] yesterday, with a nearly $1 billion Amazon Twitch into her arms, figure is what? What kind of game player groups have distinct characteristics, their pleasure come from? The buddy in the crowd, and to learn what to take on Twitch


may rarely notice that gamers have dual attributes: they like to play games themselves, and they like to watch other people play games. The pleasure of both is very close.

80, 90, many young people have seen WCG, the game industry once the top event, in fact, video sharing conference. read more

Feasibility of personal industry navigation station development

is currently standing professional competition is fierce innumerable, personal development, professional stations are facing a shortage of funds, lack of "human" to promote resistance, do a professional station more feasible way is to do the navigation station industry I suggest, it has the following advantages: < /p>

1, easy navigation station and professional website to exchange links, this is a mutually beneficial cooperation process, I have been using this site to make a few more than PR4 link; such as my station is safe production site navigation station, a large collection of safe production sites, of course, including many non-profit industry station, such as security protective equipment production, sales of the industry, including some of the PR value high enterprise station, into a relatively high value chain. read more

How to use QQ to bring high flow

the method is very simple, once and for all. Every day you only need to spend two or three small hours, and you can make your website introduce huge traffic every day. No hang up, technical content is not high.

first thing: search engines to search for a picture (female, test result is the highest non mainstream type of idiotic), must be very attractive, but it is true that, is to see that it is a common picture, not a professional photographer that can choose photos in the scenic area.

second things: find a PS master, for this photo in the face, is this picture into a picture of no infringement.. read more

A local forum can earn 200 thousand annually

article let everyone laughed. This article is a real webmaster story, I hope we can help. This time I called the station I will not show. In 2003, I started contacting web production, when I was studying FP. Then there was the opportunity to come into contact with power 3. 51 and free power 3. 6 and easy to move 4. 03, the follow-up version of mobile is no longer studied.

in 2004, a friend of mine in the county town, he resigned and started an Internet company. At that time is to sell computers, to help others do the main site. There seems to be no business. Mainly his efforts to make the site is not home, but also stay in the FP stage, and engage in a few simple static pages. read more

BAT attack mobile medical outflanking to survive in the cracks can be maintained

not only was hot in July this year, but also in mobile medical circles. It was very hot, the first wave of fall, who is


big data analysis, search technology and medical technology Baidu wins the three layer strategy of closed loop

overall, BAT in the mobile medical layout in the medical field has been ready to Baidu, officially signed medicine refers to community synchronous registration service platform, large data analysis, search technology and medical technology, formally completed closed-loop strategy three levels (people and services, the line closed loop closed loop closed loop, the product itself in addition to the investment Tencent); and since the territory (such as registered net, sugar, lilac, a doctor) will pay to build public number + WeChat WeChat wisdom system in the hospital, on the other hand, is good at playing the "medical" brand, plus social medical intelligent hardware started nine medical, Plantronics engraved PNUs and WeChat, mobile phone QQ cooperation, to provide users health data monitoring, sharing, and implementation of WeChat QQ user guide. Along with the huge traffic line started to Alibaba, Ali health and future hospital on medical cooperation and fierce storm, not only medical and health services, health hospital also launched Ali cloud platform, realize the whole process management of medical service line, also plans to "not to" construct ecological hospital one-stop platform, coupled with Tmall the Medicine Museum around drug business to establish the leading position of business development. read more

Beauty station experience sharing

webmaster many, beauty webmaster is not much, more famous beauty webmaster is less, and even some people say that the Internet age there are three kinds of people: men, women, women webmaster. A station woman really needs more money and a strong will.

, I’m the stationmaster, the female stationmaster. My name is amy.

did a few websites, marriage, fashion network, a woman dressed with honey net, net, existing to make a web site navigation {} – cola. In general, the site is not difficult, it is difficult to popularize, free promotion is more difficult, for example, web site navigation, although many, but the level of the interface is not much, not much good, can let the person impression even less. Through the construction of Coca Cola site navigation, I summed up the website construction experience: read more

Cai Wensheng grassroots attack counter domain name registration stunt 1 domain name at least 1 mill

review: Cai Wensheng, Fujian Shishi, a high school dropout, early to help the family to do the clothing business, in 1993 moved to the southeast, in 1999 started the domain name business after returning home, Chinese became the most successful domain name investors.

he had single-handed, grabbed about one hundred thousand Internet domain names, the total valuation of more than $100 million;

he had never graduated from high school, English is rotten, but the website sold to Google, has become a large number of VC functions; read more

Grassroots webmaster do garbage station should have a garbage appearance

              every day on the A5 to study, rarely speak in general, yesterday saw a friend in one of her business records mentioned me, I can not feel out. Thank you A5 webmaster to Fifi article approved, I have a deep feeling, I hope more people can write their own experiences, do we share the joy and pain, because the station: webmaster, you are not a person in battle.

          A5;     is a good place; individuals feel that they are the first choice for the original experience. Fifi this girl is very strong, is a rare good material female master, how could not now, but 35 years after the original act, the article did not see you reading it, graduation do webmaster about my entrepreneurial experience, this and we mainly talk about some personal experience of the garbage station. read more

Analysis of user behavior in industry station

has seen such a sentence on the Internet, to retain users, thorough analysis of user behavior, the site will be able to do the industry leader. At that time, just contact SEO, do not quite understand the meaning of this sentence. With their in-depth understanding of the SEO and responsible industry website analysis, feel that users of Web site behavior analysis is the majority of Seoer who most need to work hard to do. Users are not only the direct users of search engines, but also the final judge of the quality of service. If you want the website to be invincible, you should follow and analyze the behavior of users using search engines, and make the optimization strategy accordingly. read more

Membership electricity providers WELHOME can become China’s version of Jet

lead: winter often think, "have WELHOME membership model, mobile providers in the red sea blue ocean, which is the middle class in the shopping experience gap," let them feel out of the ordinary business."

reported that the giant Ali has quietly participated in the U.S. membership electricity supplier website Jet B round of financing. Let’s introduce the magic site on the other side of the ocean. Last year, when it was not on the line, Jet received $80 million in A round of financing. In February this year, it has to take the money, this is the BAIn Capital to get $140 million B round of financing investment, this round of financing in the valuation of $600 million, at that time, it is not on the line! However, Jet has finally launched. In the face of consumers and peers, Jet appears to be subversive gesture, the flagship of the whole network lowest, directly challenge the Amazon, the model is more like Amazon and Costco (the largest chain of membership warehouse discount store, charges $55 a year membership fee) fit, membership category price electricity supplier. read more

Group buying website operation and market analysis

Interpretation and market analysis of


"good and save money" is an immutable and unchanging standard of living since ancient times, especially in today’s soaring prices. People are more careful about shopping and spending. Therefore, in the life of common colleagues, classmates or friends, together to the same business procurement, so that businesses to provide lower prices, which is the original form of "buy."".

group buying, that is, group purchasing, also known as collective purchasing. Is generally called by an individual or organization, will have the intention to buy the same product consumer organizations, a large number of manufacturers or to the total generation buying behavior, so as to ensure the quality of products, low price and service guarantee. Group purchase of goods generally have higher brand awareness and improve the larger market share, customer service service system, good service, stable product quality, can withstand the test of time, can provide the enterprise and product information etc. complete. read more

n fact we are only short of executive power talking about the importance of execution to the webs

The word "

" is actually quite empty. You can often hear him, but you often ignore him. Especially in a big company, leaders often mention this word, but there are not many people who really understand it. Our company, I want to cheap nets, attaches great importance to this.

every year, China has many companies opened, and many companies have closed down. Chinese isn’t the lack of creativity, not even the lack of money, it can be said that Chinese is the most creative people in the world, you can see from the various methods, as long as careful observation, you will find that in our life, full of our ideas, and rich people, really the invisible rich, is also very much. But in every year, there are still many companies go bankrupt, you can open a company, there is definitely a little bit of money, but the boss, certainly not of course, because of the lack of ability and cleverness, head and open the company to be excluded. One of the most important reasons why they can’t go on is the lack of execution. read more

1 billion dollars Fab com’s selling Secrets products with stories

gay theme started the social networking site in July last year, the successful transformation into a product design online flash sales site, in these 11 months, the site sold a total of 1 million items, namely every minute 2.6 pieces of goods for sale. At present, the company has valued more than 1 billion U. S. dollars.

, co – founder and CCO (Creative Director) of Bradford Shellhammer, attributed’s success to good products. So, what kind of product is "worthy of", read more