Cantona-Deschamps: a hatred since 1996 for “carrying water bottles”

first_imgA few days after Didier Deschamps gave his list of 23 for the 2016 European Championship that France played at home, Eric Cantona expressed suspicion of racism by questioning the motivations of the former Juventus to make the list on the occasion of two absences, those of Karim Benzema and Hatem Ben Arfa.“Deschamps has a very French name. Perhaps he is the only one in France who has a really French name. No one in your family is mixed with anyone. Like the Mormons in America. I am not surprised that he used Benzema’s situation to avoid carrying it. Ben Arfa may be the best in France but it has certain origins. If Deschamps is racist? Maybe not, maybe yes. Something is certain, they are two of the best players in France, they will not be and they have roots from North Africa. The debate exists, “Cantona said.Deschamps denounced him and today, they will be seen in court as ‘King Eric’ is charged with defamation. “There is a line that cannot be crossed. And when you touch the family, it is unacceptable. I will go to the end,” the Frenchman promised and fulfilled.The origin of the disputeThe matter, according to L’Equipe in an extensive dossier, comes from afar. The most widespread theory, impossible to confirm by the French newspaper, is that Deschamps tried to convince Jaquet, the French coach, that Cantona, captain, was not summoned for the 1996 Eurocup. The reason: Eric’s kick to the Crystal Palace fan who uttered racist insults against himl. His intention, according to sources close to Cantona consulted by L’Equipe, was to be definitively done with the team’s costumes. A difficult version to give absolute truth that, according to other sources, also contrasts Cantona’s refusal to go when the coach asked him to play forward and not as a midfielder, since he wanted to. Be that as it may, Didier took the bracelet.After the European Championship, Cantona shot. The striker said in the Gazetta dello Sport before a Juventus-United that it was A player who was only worth “carrying water bottles” and someone who could do what he did you could find “in the corner of any street”.It wouldn’t be the last time I would talk about him. “Didier plays the monk, the moralizing monk, but he will end up falling into all the vices of the world,” he said that same month. L’Equipe states that Cantona always saw Deschamps as someone who moves well in the shadows of politics and who has bothered him deeply from his time in Marseille. There, L’Equipe puts the spotlight, when Tapie, president of the OM, threw the striker away from a charity match. This newspaper says that Cantona, already from Manchester, was up to date on the good relationship that Deschamps had with the top Marseilles president. Something that he did not like at all already in the late 80’s and that, over the years it went to more. Today, the dialectical battle between the two will reach the courts of Paris.last_img

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