The club cares about the well-being of its quarry and its schools

first_imgReal Valladolid has not only sent a series of recommendations for these days of quarantine to its professional squads, the First and Second B teams, or the youth teams, but has sent a notification to the parents of all the children of the schools of Real Valladolid to give them guidelines on how to behave these days, how to take care of themselves, train and eat.In a document to which AS has had access, the blanquivioleta club recommends having a diet based on a balanced and varied diet, sleeping the appropriate time and following the usual schedules, not sitting for more than 50 minutes, so small walks are recommended, while recommending moderate exercise on a treadmill or exercise bike, if available. The goal is to avoid sedentary behavior so you are invited to play sports on consoles. In addition, the need to maintain adequate personal hygiene is recalled and the usual hand washing is emphasized. In addition, within the recommendations, the nutritionist of the club, Fernando García Oliveri, linked a video in which he recalled the importance of strengthening the immune system, based on exercising and eating a good diet, emphasizing the need to take products with vitamin A: carrot, tomato, red pepper; vitamin C: orange, strawberries, kiwi, red peppers; zinc: red, white meat, cheeses, clams and crustaceans; probiotics: yogurts; in addition to foods that are antiviral like onion and garlic or anti-inflammatory like turmeric and ginger. Nor should you forget to take vegetables, fruits and vegetables, which are antioxidants, or nuts and seeds, although in moderation due to their high caloric value.last_img

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